Personal Creative Goals for 2017

Before the year gets any older, I thought I’d better share my personal creative goals for 2017. I like to blog them because:

  1. Knowing others know about our goals:
    • makes us think harder about them and if we really want to commit to them.
    • makes it harder to sneak out of working them, because none of us want to be thought a failure.
  2. Declaring we’ll do something publicly makes it feel more important and therefore we’re more likely work on it.
  3. Having others on our side can provide us with encouragement when we wobble, praise when we succeed and advice when we get stuck.


I’m afraid I’ve only come up with half a dozen, but then I only achieved 5 last year, so maybe that’s more realistic? I may, of course, add to them as the year proceeds. I’ve also got a lot of knitting goals for the DYC as well as these, although what I achieve may well overlap into what I do for the DYC. Anyway here they are:

  1. Attend at least two workshops
  2. Knit Lovely Husband a Christmas jumper – already worried about this one.
  3. Learn something knitting related each month
  4. Knit for ‘pleasure’ at least three times a week – lately I’ve ended up spending far too much knitting time on working out patterns for kits or to demo my yarn.
  5. Make a knitted bag
  6. Make gift a least once a month

having said 6 may be enough, I still think I need/want more than this. So will continue to think. If you’ve written one, how many goals have you go on your creative goal list this year?

27 thoughts on “Personal Creative Goals for 2017

  1. What lovely goals… one of my goals was to publish two patterns this year (both have been sitting around unfinished for ages) and I’m delighted to say one of them is done already. I fond it all too easy to knit/crochet for pleasure and ignore the ‘work’ items that need to be made!

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  2. The Christmas jumper sounds a lovely idea….wondering if you will incorporate any of the little patterns from your Santa sacks?? Wishing you luck and have no doubt you will succeed…and much more along the way too 😉 Mr. Hicks seemingly agrees, and it looks like he enjoys a bit of snow too 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I have a plan and part of it knitted. But I know one of the things holding me back is I’m knitting it in nasty cheap man made (or at least mostly man made yarn – because I know it won’t get much wear and I’m hating knitting it. I’m getting more and more tempted to ditch the yarn and knit it in something nicer.

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      1. I know exactly what you are feeling and mean!! My daughter left me with a project for herself(having chosen her fabrics from my scrap stash) All was going brilliantly…until I added the poly cotton fabric border….I can’t tell you how much I hated the look and effect of the fabric against the cottons ;-/ Having wasted a good few days wanting to make it work, I finally ripped it all off!! Will show and tell soon on that one…meanwhile busy redecorating throughout 😉
        Wishing you the right decision on your hubby’s knitting project though…I’m sure you’ll make the right decision in the end 🙂

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  3. I love it when our dogs speak to us!
    There you go with your goals again – you put me to shame.
    However, last year I actually managed to complete two full size quilts which is a record for me and wasn’t even a goal.
    I haven’t got any formal creative goals for this year apart from – just maybe – I might re-learn crochet. I’ve found a fairly local yarn shop with some stunning wool and a really nice owner who teaches knitting and crochet on a one to one basis. I’m a bit reluctant with crochet because the patterns always look a bit dated or not necessarily something I’d wear but she had some amazing modern pattern books which really made me enthusiastic to start up again. A bit ambitious as she’s French – and so are the patterns – but as I’ve forgotten all I knew about crocheting in English, that shouldn’t be a problem. Just need to make an appointment………

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    1. Go for it! If you’ve done it before, you’ll pick it up easier anyway and if you can understand (or learn to understand crochet diagrams, that’s got to be half of the battle . Mind, it’s also a third language to get involved. And yes, loads of new patterns appearing for crochet. Look forward to seeing your work….


  4. Oh goodness, I think your goals are grand, and achievable for you! Personally, having set extreme goals and making less than 2/3 of them last year (so dismal I won’t even blog them), I’ve committed to the #2017MakeNine for this year. This means nine makes. Simple. Already working on the first, so we might be on to something finally. I have much more confidence that you’ll succeed! 😀

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  5. I think I will create some some specific creative goals. I have some things I want to create but turning them into specific goals might encourage me to make them actually happen this year.

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