Sunday Sevens 15/01/17

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

It’s been another filled with technological challenges and frustrations, but on the more positive side, Mr Hicks had a check up at the vet. The tumour in his leg has hardly grown and he’s really well in himself.

Waiting patiently to see the vet.

Hicks is so well, he wants to spend most of the evenings in the garden patrolling for the fox along with his toys. Of course he never brings them back in and torrential rain at the beginning of the week meant a stint for them on the washing line…


18 months ago I promised to teach some of my chums from book group to knit. Finally, last Tuesday, three of them came round to my house learn. Teaching three beginners at once kept me so busy, I didn’t have time to take a pic – but here’s the aftermath.


One of my other friends got waylaid by work on Tuesday, so came round on Thursday evening for a 1-2-1. Didn’t take a pic of her either, but here’s her knitting, which she left behind…



On Thursday we also had our first snow of the winter, but it wasn’t really trying.


I started reading our next book for book group. But it was so bad, even reading while I was cycling wasn’t enough to keep me going. It really is one of the most badly written books I’ve read in a long time and full stereotypes and cliches. I couldn’t believe it had so many good write ups. Has anyone else read this?

I loved The Curious Incident of the the Dog in the Night-Time, but this definitely wasn’t for me.

Unfortunately no dog in a puddle pic to finish on this week, but I do have an attempting to dig a mole out of a mole hill picture…


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki Hill


31 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 15/01/17

  1. So glad Mr. Hicks is doing well, I’ve had enough dog drama this week. My neighbours called me in a panic to go and look at their dog who was collapsed on the floor looking very poorly so I told her to get him down to the nearest vet pronto. Turned out he had a ruptured spleen – another hour and he’d have been dead.
    We’ve just had some ‘not really trying’ snow but that suits me fine – I’m not keen when it tries hard 😉

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      1. There was a large tumour on it! Apparently, the symptoms are easy to miss until it is often too late – seems that dogs have their own ‘silent killer’ diseases too. Certain breeds are more susceptible apparently – he is a Briard.

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      1. I know what you mean. I did that with writing, but the knitters are some of my book group. Fingers crossed they get as into it as me. I am very lucky also as my next door neighbour but one is also a knitter and wool enthusiast. Mind, she’s super-talented and and hugely creative in lots of other ways too.

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      2. Thank you. I already knit at book group and one other lady, but yep, hopefully soon they all will be 🙂 Between you and me, I am also starting a knit and natter group for the village this week – report will in my Sunday Sevens 🙂

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      3. Good idea! I always knit at book group, too, and though one other lady was a knitter, I was alone in doing that. Then I joined a knitting group and found kindred spirits. I hope you have loads of interest in your new group!

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  2. Mr Hicks is so good – those toys still look like toys. Think he was scaring the fox with them. So good to see him happily looking for moles. Just finished my sheep by the way and posted about it. I’m not on instagram, but she has been named, twice!

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    1. Hadn’t thought of that. Think it’s his age. When he was younger they didn’t last a minute. It is a joy to see him looking so happy. he does seem to have perked up a bit moor – hope it lasts. Right, I’m off now all excited to see your sheep’s photo shoot 🙂


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