First FO of 2017 – Wintergreen Mitts in Dartmoor Yarn Company 4ply Shetland/Ryeland blend

When I saw a picture of the Wintergreen Mitts on Instagram I just had to make a pair. But when I checked out the yarn they were knitted in, I realised they were going to be ridiculously pricey, so I decided I’d have to do without them.

However, a short while later, I remembered I had a few small balls of Dartmoor Yarn Company 4ply Shetland/Ryeland blend, left over fromΒ other projects.


I was incredibly over-excited at how well the colours went together in this mitt – of course, that is what I intended to achieve when I dyed the Shetland/Ryeland batch. But still, it’s exciting when you see it happen in your knitting.

I love these mitts and they’re a bargain knit if you’ve some left over blues and greens that will blend nicely.

20 thoughts on “First FO of 2017 – Wintergreen Mitts in Dartmoor Yarn Company 4ply Shetland/Ryeland blend

  1. They are beautiful. Colour work/fair isle/intarsia – whichever is the right word – is something I’ve managed to largely sidestep but I do love the results so maybe I should make it my knitting challenge of the year (after I’ve mastered crochet that is πŸ˜‰ ).

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  2. Very pretty. I was thinking, it happens occasionally. Your sheep pattern could easily be turned into a hedgehog! Just an idea. Meantime mine has been officially named Selina Sheep on account of her rather sublime expression.

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    1. Ah ha! We’ve had the same thought πŸ™‚ I designed a mouse before Christmas and I just think I need to take the legs off the sheep and give it the mouses head and I’ll be there πŸ™‚ Time, as always, though is never there to do it. Thanks for the encouragement. I will get there.

      Hurrah! I voted for Selina – as you know. Right behind with reading post though, but will get there and congratulate her on her decision in a bit.


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