Tutorial: How to Knit Loopy Stitch (or Loop Stitch)

Over the weekend I was contacted by a lady who was knitting one of my Dartmoor sheep kits and couldn’t work out why she kept gaining a stitch each time she knitted the loopy stitch.


For some time now I’ve been intending to put some tutorials up to help with knitting the Dartmoor Yarn Company Knitting kits. So Β here’s the first: a videoΒ of how to knit loop/loopy stitch. A Picture Tutorial is below.

Loopy Stitch/Loop Stitch

  1. Knit into stitch but do not slip off needle.

2. Bring yarn to front between the needles.



3. Place thumb on the yarn…


4. …and pull the yarn up over your thumb and back between the needles.


5. Keeping the yarn wrapped around your thumb, knit into the front of the same stitch,


this time slipping it off the needle.


6. Remove your thumb and you will have a loop hanging between two stitches.


7. Put your left hand needle into the front of the right hand stitch (i.e. the first half of the stitch you knitted)…


…and slip it over the stitch on the left hand side of the loop.


Et Voila! You have knitted a loop stitch – or maybe a loopy stitch.


And if you knit enough loops you can knit a Dartmoor sheep…



14 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Knit Loopy Stitch (or Loop Stitch)

    1. Thank you. So good to hear that and have a vote of confidence. The first thing that naughty voice of self doubt inside my head said was ‘it’s me that’s written it wrong’ – despite me doing everything I can to make sure instructions are correct and clear and knowing many many people have knitted that sheep now without a problem. The lady in question is the first person that’s contacted me with a problem and she did email back once she’d seen the pictures and say she’d missed off the last step. But as they say a picture paints a thousand words and I know some people find it much harder to read written instructions, and that is quite a long one πŸ™‚

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  1. Although this was written in 2017. I have to say this tutorial is the only one that I have been able to follow and learn to do loop stitch. I didn’t use than video but the separate photos. I’ve spent a couple years trying from different tutorials and no luck. Today I have finally mastered it from this . I can’t believe it , simple instructions and clear photos. I am over the moon! A big thankyou.

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