Work in Progress and a new goal

Back in December, in that lull just after Christmas, when it’s okay to sit in bed knitting of a morning, and do a few quiet rows after lunch, I started knitting this….


I was so excited. I’d asked for the book for Christmas, so I could knit one of the gorgeous curls with my beautiful Bamsi T gifted to me by the lovely Joey at Little Black Dog SA back in May.


Intricate lace needs concentration, so it wasn’t something I could enjoy knitting unless lovely hubby was really engrossed in the telly and I wasn’t. So when January struck with no more knitting in bed and no rows after lunch, it got put in my knitting basket and left.

But this week lovely husband’s been away and I’ve picked my curl back up. I’ve managed just over a dozen rows and loved every minute of knitting them. Lovely Hubby’s usually here, so it’s still  not going to grow quickly, but I’m going to enjoy every stitch, so what’s the hurry?


However, while this project’s definitely going to hang around unfinished for quiet a while, it’s most definitely not a UFO. But it really points out the for me the line between UFO and  a WIP; how much pleasure I’m getting from knitting a WIP and how a UFO’s mere existence sucks my energy.

So my mission, when hubby is home over the weekend, is to pull out my knitting UFOs – I think (hope) there’s only one – finish it and have a knitting UFO free year!

Anyone care to join me?


30 thoughts on “Work in Progress and a new goal

  1. Ooh, have fun witht hat, it looks gorgeous! And I get what you mean about the difference between a WINP (work in no progress), and a UFO. Definitely something I try to stay on top of (but sometimes I end up in denial and hide them away for a few months before deciding to get rid of them!)

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  2. I can join you at the moment because I’m happily knitting another boyfriend cardigan and have put the lacy scarf thingy to one side because I was getting my knickers in a twist with it but, as you say, it’s quite a challenge to knit lace and it has to be done when there’s nothing else going on so I will now call it an ongoing WIP.
    Ooh, just remembered I have one of my humungous blankets on its humungous needles lurking somewhere – I stopped knitting it last year in the spring when it got too hot to have it across my lap. I suppose that counts as a UFO so I’d better get on with it before the temperatures start to rise again.
    Love your curl by the way.

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    1. Oh yes scratchy yarn is rarely inspiring, unless I suppose you’re a carpet weaver. But yes, go it. I always feel better know something isn’t hanging around. Although I’m now feeling guilty for distracting you from your new yarn.


  3. I have a car WINP. Single colour crochet squares. Each one takes about an hour. Perfect for car journeys but boring at any other time. I can still chat, thereby entertaining the driver, and watch the world go by. Completing 2 squares, one on the way to see my OH’s grandson, and one on the way back, makes the journey doubly worthwhile.
    Love the lace! Definitely not a ‘mindless’ project!

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    1. Thank you. Oh yes, it’s such a good feeling having used a car journey to be productive. I have a garter stitch shawl that’s my current car WIP and has been for quite some time. I wouldn’t be knitting it at all, but it’s going to have a drop stitch fringe, which I’ve never done before – so that’s the exciting part.

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  4. It looks beautiful and a ufo free year sounds great but I’ve too many ufo’s 😬 might just commit myself to not starting any more ‘me’ projects until I’ve finished my current wips though. I’ve been missing you in my feed so I’ve just unfollowed and followed again in the hopes of getting you back😂 have a great weekend when it come Becky xx

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    1. Hello! Lovely to hear from you. I have been posting, have you? I was thinking you’d gone quiet. Better go check. Not starting anything new is always a great step to getting on top of what you already have on the go. Great plan 🙂 xx

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  5. I’ve got three ufo’s lurking in my yarn basket. I think two of them are probably going to be ripped back again…… the third is waiting for a couple of fine days in a row as it needs to be washed and pinned to its boards outside, it is so big. It’s been waiting for three months. I have a feeling I may not knit this year!

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  6. Not been a proper knitter or crocheter I don’t have real WIPs and UFOs just lots of trial bits. I have a shawl I’ve not long finished and that needs blocking so maybe I should get on with that…..😀

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      1. Not really, I normally get on a bit of a roll when I start something, or it goes in the bin if it doesn’t work, but if it gets past the muslin stage it’s usually gonna be ok! 😃


  7. It’s progressing nicely as the pattern is coming is coming out, but I know what you mean about needing to concentrate when knitting lace – frogging it is a nightmare! I don’t think I have any UFOs at the moment, but I do have a few WIPs that I’m rotating.

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    1. I completely refuse to use life lines in lace knitting, which means I can’t afford to get it wrong 🙂 I think the best way to avoid UFOs is to pick wisely in the first place – you’re obviously making wise choices.

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