Sunday Sevens 27th January 2017

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Last Sunday we took Hicks for a walk to Okehampton Station so that we could sneak in a naughty breakfast…


While we were there we watched a man picking up litter on the railway line. This may look dangerous, but there won’t be a train through until August.


Despite my passion for British wool, I found a bargain bin of Patons extra fine merino and couldn’t resit a few balls of this beautiful blue colour…


Otherwise it’s been a rather busy ordinary week, apart from Friday when it was cake craft afternoon at my lovely friend’s house…



No dog in a puddle pic this week, because it’s been so dry and beautifully sunny…


Although Hick’s younger friends managed to find plenty of mud to muddy up in.


Hope you’ve had a great week!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 27th January 2017

    1. No sure. It’s a current colour and I think I might mix it with some of the others they do. I keep seeing red and blue entrelac, but I have no idea what garment and red isn’t really my colour!


  1. Freezing-but-sunny days of earlier in the week have given way to milder, wet weather here. If that is the same further south west, then I think Hicks will soon be spoilt for choice when it come to muddy puddles! It’s our monthly craft evening this week, but hubby is away so I won’t be able to go. Feeling peeved.

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    1. It didn’t rain until yesterday evening, but today has been ridiculously rainy. It’s so much milder this evening I’ve been wandering around the garden claiming it feels tropical – although that may be a wee exaggeration. Sorry to hear you’re going to miss your craft evening.

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  2. My god, that cake! Sometimes I wish I hadn’t given up on sugar! I must be getting some form of elderly dyslexia – I read ‘god in a piddle puc’ and wondered what on earth I’d missed out on 😀 It’s early morning and first coffee is only two sips in ……

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    1. The train months away was one of those moments. For a second, I thought ‘that’s a rather dangerous place to be picking up litter so casually’ and then I remembered there are no trains after the Polar Express until the summer 🙂

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  3. What an awesome week, and such lovely weather, perfect for walks indeed. Mr. H is looking good. Hugs to him from us here.
    We have been having a good amount of rain and are very happy, muddy footprints in the house and all.
    I adore trains, and this photo of yours was just so perfect. Train trips are so much nicer and relaxing.
    Enjoy the week and have fun crafting. 🙂

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    1. I love trains too – always feel so much more of an adventure than any other form of transport. Muddy footprints here now since yesterday 🙂 Mr Hicks says thanks for the hugs and sends you both snuggles. Have a great week! xx

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