Knitted Valentines Hearts

My lovely next door neighbour is completely to blame for these. She got me thinking about knitted wedding favours and, with Valentine’s day only a few weeks away, I couldn’t resist making some heart kits for the shop.

First I knitted some tiny teeny hearts…


… then added a keyring…


After that I made some bigger hearts.


I just love how hanging a heart on a door knob or a cupboard or drawer make a house seem more homey and loved…

For a wonderful scent, I’ve added a pouch of lavender.

Although it’s still a couple of weeks until Valentines, Love does seem my keyword right now, because I love knitted cream cushions, they go with almost any colour scheme. I also loveΒ natural cream wool. And on top of that – as you may have noticed – I love cables. So it was only a matter of time before I designed a cream cable cushion kit…


So that’s where a fair amount of my creative energy and knitting time has gone over the last couple of weeks. Hope you like them.

Bekki x

40 thoughts on “Knitted Valentines Hearts

  1. PS I’ve had an invitation from an outfit that prints artists work onto fabric to use some of my art work – thought I’d let you know as it came through the same day you left your last comment on my blog about the doodles looking good on fabric and I replied ‘Never going to happen!’ πŸ˜€

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      1. Absolutely. I think you’re worth more than that. These people sometimes work on people being so excited about their work being used, they give it away too cheaply. But I know you’re cannier than that x

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      2. It does feel mean – although it won’t be a cheap process, especially if they’re doing small batches. It’s a very good question you’r asking. Also worth remembering everything in life is negotiable and also is it worth investigating getting some royalties in fabric, if you might you it and sell it? And just how much are they planning on making? And what are they using it for/in what form are they selling it? Are they expecting you to drive sales for them?

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  2. I can imagine how pretty the hearts look hanging from door or cupboard knobs – even better if they smell of lavender! I’d love a cable knitted cushion or four, but Ive resisted the urge to knit any so far, due to the fact that my furniture is already stuffed to the max with cushions – all around the house!

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