Sunday Sevens 5th February 2017

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

After a near month of beautiful clear blue skies and sunshine, the last few days of January turned very very wet…


Filling the rivers…



and giving HRH plenty puddles to wallow in…


The ground became so soaked I found the road blocked by a small landslip on Tuesday that took a tree into the road on the hill out of Okehampton…


Despite the cold and damp, signs of spring were emerging



and frog spawn…


rabbits playing outside my office window…


and, although not a sign of spring, indoor wildlife abseiling from the ceiling…


After a busy week of working, we headed north on Friday for the Christening of our great niece on Saturday…


Lovely husband was not only given the honour of being one of her godfathers, he was also  trusted with a lighted match…


As well as seeing our beautiful great niece and lots of other lovely friends and family members, we also go to meet our gorgeous great nephew – born not long before Christmas. 20170204_152129

Of course, because it was a family event, lovely littlest also rocked up – always great to see her. Here she is with me and her cousin.


Sadly no lovely eldest as she’s still in NZ 😦

Hope you’ve had a great week!




32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 5th February 2017

  1. Snowdrops, frogspawn, dogs paddling and a lovely baby, looks like spring is on it’s way at last, lovely post and pictures, keep well, xArlened

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    1. Thank you. I’d had a very long cuddle before I passed him to my hubby, out of necessity to go to the loo – hubby was a bit ‘I’m not really bothered about holding him’ and ‘how do I hold his head’, but when I looked back at the photo I though ‘That look doesn’t say not bothered at all’ 🙂

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      1. He was, but I think he’s one of those babies that’s pretty much in a good mood all the time. Mum and Dad are very easy going and laid back – so probably in the genes.


    1. I was surprised by the frog spawn, it’s still jolly chilly here too. Shhh, don’t let daughter hear you – you know what they’re like about looking like their mum 🙂 ‘You know who’ is having a nap, but will pass hugs on when he wakes up 🙂


  2. Lovely to see Hicks still enjoying life to the max. I do believe I’ve seen a few sprouting of what promises to be Spring, too. We still have a mud bath right outside our front door and all down the driveway – should yours ever dry up and Hicks needs a quick fix:)

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    1. Thank you. He’s up and down with what he can manage, but some days you wouldn’t believe how much he can do. Ha ha! Thanks for the offer, but I’m sure Hicks’ mud radar will make that unlikely 🙂


  3. Such a grand occasion, it is lovely to see. Beautiful church, I always love to see the inside of churches.
    Still very wet I see, lots of rain, and HRH is loving it, of course. Spring in the coming already. It is still very much summer here, but I guess Fall will be here just as soon then.
    Have a great day and coming weekend. Enjoy. 🙂

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    1. It was a lovely occasion and the Vicar made it a very friendly family affair too. Fortunately the rain has disappeared again mostly this week, although still plenty of puddles for HRH. I always find it odd to think you guys are looking forward to Autumn as while we’re looking forward to spring. Enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend too xx

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      1. Glad the rain has disappeared. Just in time for the weekend indeed.
        Lol. 🙂 Yes I look forward to Fall and Winter. I think our colder seasons are so mind, we actually enjoy them. Summer can be very hot around here.
        Enjoy the weekend, keep warm and I hope you have sunny skies.

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