We’re in Simply Knitting issue 156 – or at least they are.

Several people have observed that our sheep has ‘personality’. Boy are they they right. A few weeks ago, sheep and and teapot sweater snuck off and blagged their way onto a simply knitting photo shoot. Β  The first I heard of it, was when they started pestering me to buy them a copy of Simply Knitting.


And now they’re pestering me to tell you about it. So here they are…



31 thoughts on “We’re in Simply Knitting issue 156 – or at least they are.

  1. Go little sheep. I hope they keep blagging their way into things. We should give into their lust for fame but not to any diva like demands…

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  2. That’s fantastic!!! ❀ I'm super keen to knit one of the sheep myself but am just procrastinating a bit till a clear a couple of current projects first πŸ˜€ One day a sheep will fly and be on its way to little ole NZ πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you. I’m not convinced clearing projects is procrastination. It’s actually very sensible – not that I want to be heard advocating being sensible πŸ˜‰ I’m afraid though we don’t do delivery abroad, because the product insurance is too expensive 😦


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