Sunday Sevens 12th February 2017

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

After a very very wet damp week last week, this week has given us almost every other type of weather.

Monday was dull and grey…


Tuesday we had a terrific hail storm…


Wednesday was gorgeously sunny…


…but there was still plenty of evidence of the week before’s heavy rain. This path was all but smooth before the rain…


The rain takes days to trickle down through the granite on the moor and on Wednesday it was still running fast through the granite. This field below is usually just a bit muddy by the gate…


Although the weather may have changed, one thing has been constant, it’s been very very cold, and finally on Saturday it snowed…


…. and there were icicles on the bars covering the cave in Lydford Gorge.

Despite it being below freezing and his knees and feet being full of arthritis, dear Mr Hicks was still game for a paddle….


The cold weather hasn’t stopped the signs of spring continuing to emerge either…

With lovely husband away all week my hot water bottle also emerged at bed time…


But that’s now been firmly put away as Lovely husband is now home every night for some time. He decide a while back that he wanted to take a six month break from work. So we’ve been saving up to afford it and Friday was his last day…


Apart from Friday being the start of a big change for hubby, it’s been a pretty routine week apart from the arrival of a parcel that, to the amusement of my postman, was addressed….


It didn’t take me long to work out who it was from when I spotted it was wrapped in this bag…


If you follow Thimberlina, you may remember she mention we’re working on a secret project. The parcel contained these, which I need to start working on my share of it…


I’m afraid I can’t reveal anymore about what the project is, or Thimberlina will have to shoot me.

Hope you’ve had a great week!



38 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 12th February 2017

  1. Your weather in the past week hasn’t been that different to ours here in the S.W. of France if that makes you feel any better.
    Are you ready to have your LH home for a whole six months? It will be a bit different for both of you won’t it? – hopefully in the best possible way. What is he proposing to get up to while he’s off work – he doesn’t seem the sort to veg out 24/7 in front of Jeremy Kyle and Bargain Hunt 🙂
    I’m dying to see what you and Ali are cooking up between you – how much longer must we wait while you both tease us?

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    1. I quite enjoyed the variations in weather and being rid of the damp does seem to have perked HRH up again 🙂
      As for LH, I have a list 🙂 He also loves chopping logs.
      I’m afraid Ali and I may be a while with this secret project, given that both of use have so much else that distracts us.


    1. Thank you. Not sure about too much time together – I have plenty for him to do in the garden without me 😉
      I’m afraid I did slide back rather with the fitness last year, but more on track again now and with hubby home, I’m hoping we’ll both encourage each other.

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  2. That is some rollercoaster weather you had! Glad Mr. Hicks is still able to play in puddles! I bet he was glad to get warm again, though. So Mr Bekki will be home for a long stretch? How very nice!

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  3. Haha! I won’t shoot you!! Well, not until it’s finished!! I did spill the beans yesterday to someone I met in real life at the pre moneta party! She thought it was a fab idea! Lovely week for you despite the cold! 😃

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  4. Your weather is not unsimilar to ours, minus the icicles and smattering of snow ….. and we are supposed to be summer! It started raining at 8pm last night , rained all night and is still going. I’m glad to hear Mr Hicks is out and about and doing well despite everything else! Secret projects are always fun!

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    1. Oh! Sorry to hear about all your rain. We have gale force winds this morning 😦 No walking in the woods for us today! It’s great having a secret project, and not just because I’m enjoying teasing Lynn over at Tialys about it 🙂

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  5. Mr Hicks continues to amaze me. Our weather’s been so cold, I didn’t want to go out at all, let alone play in puddles! Hope you enjoy your six months with hubby around – dare I suggest it’s a practice run for retirement?

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    1. Thanks Mary – I suspect you know him well from years of facebook too. – which I never seem to get to these days 😦 He amazes me too. He’s weathered so much, yet he’s doing amazingly for his age when compared to dogs who haven’t been through a fraction of what he has. And on top of that he keeps on smiling.
      Ha ha! Yes, you may, as long as hubby doesn’t hear you. I’ve been saying ‘when you retire’ to him for months – which doesn’t go down at all well 🙂


  6. Perhaps that’s what we need to do here because the shoemaker’s children are going without shoes!!
    I have told hubs that I’m booking him off for a day to do some finishing off jobs around the house though. I hope you have a great time with LH off work and get all those jobs done😜 yme Hicks is the opposite of Tilly, she screws her nose up at a wet walk! I’m glad he’s doing so well. Looking forward to hearing more about your secret project!! Have a great week Bekki. xx

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  7. My goodness, what crazy weather. And below freezing. Just as soon as you see the snowdrops. Makes you think it is Spring, but still so very cold, wet and snowy. I must admit, we had a hot and humid weekend again. I am looking forward to our winter now.
    Have a great week and take care. 🙂

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    1. There’s several garden projects and a list of jobs in the house and he’s planning on going to Europe on his motorbike and he says he’s going to cook dinner every night 🙂 Any suggestions from Mr H-L’s experience?

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      1. Enjoy the small things that you can’t do if you work full time – slow down, don’t try to cram lots in or fill your day up, make time for a leisurely breakfast every morning. Sounds counterintuitive, but he’ll wish he had when he goes back to work! Oh, and don’t make promises he can’t keep – like making supper every night!!

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  8. Haha the parcel made me laugh! I’m still very excited about this secret project! It looks like your weeks was very similar to ours weather-wise! We had hail & huge storms, and now it’s been 24ºc for a few days! :-0

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