Knitted Coin Purse and Work in Progress

I’ve no idea where the time goes, but I don’t seem to be getting much knitting finished of late. Although I do have two other projects nearing completion, one is a quick one that I only started last week. There is also the curl I’m knitting, so I can only think that I’ve been spending more time than I realise on that.


I think I might start making an effort to actually take note of what I knit each evening – not because I think it will achieve anything, but at least I won’t end up wondering what the heck I’ve done with the time.

Anyway, a very small finish I have completed this week, is a make for The Dartmoor Yarn Company. A little knitted coin purseΒ for my latest kit.


I’m going to do one in brown too, but the yarn isn’t ready yet.

Hope you like it!

22 thoughts on “Knitted Coin Purse and Work in Progress

  1. I have spent the last two evenings unknitting the knitting I did the two previous evenings 😦
    I think it’s because I’m binge watching Nashville on Netflix which I say is perfect for knitting along to because you don’t really have to concentrate too much on it but maybe I’m wrong.
    Anyway, I love these little coin purses which I usually make with fabric but knitted is very pretty too.

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    1. Thank you. Will have to have a look at your coin purses. Sorry to hear about the frogging. Maybe Nashville is getting more interesting? I’m resolutely resisting knitting that curl unless I can give it sufficient attention – all else is taking it’s chances while I watch TV πŸ™‚


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