Sunday Sevens – February 19th 2017

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Last week was the first week of Lovely Husband’s six month sabbatical. Having had a bit of a leaving do on Friday, he and Mr Hicks took it easy on Saturday…


By Sunday hubby’s head was clear enough to come out for a wee celebration with me at the Indian..

20170212_184411 And thank goodness he has taken six months off,  because on Monday the handle on the pantry door jammed and refused to let us in. Lovely Husband came to the rescue by breaking the door down – phew! A girl can only be separated from her food for so long.


In other traumatic news, I packed my ‘in the dark’ knitting in the boot of the car, only to discover something heavy must have been put on it, when I took it out to knit…


Mr Hicks was also working on distressing me, when he came in one evening looking like this and made it to the cream carpet in the lounge before I noticed….


Our garden drys out really quickly, so I’ve no idea where he dipped his feet.

In better news, these arrived from the woollen mill…


And finally to share the work of one of my friends with you, who I  taught to knit about a month ago. About ten days ago she finished here first piece of knitting. Although she mixed up a few of her knit and purl rows, she did brilliantly following the picot edge and the decreasing on the pattern having only been taught to cast on and off and knit and purl.


A week later  I was was even more impressed to see her post her second go at the same pattern…


Hope you’ve had a great week!

26 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – February 19th 2017

  1. How brave you are to have a cream carpet and a dog!!
    Was LH reading such an interesting book he even had to take it out to the restaurant with him? Or is that a very extensive menu 😉
    Good luck with getting your ‘in the dark’ knitting back on track.

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  2. Sorry about your ‘in the dark ‘ knitting, I bet you picked the stitches up easily. Mr Hicks is up to his old tricks. Sorry about the pantry door but I bet it’s fixed now. xxx

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  3. Oh Mr Hicks you are so funny! I swear having a black dog ( the colour that hides mud) like Hugo means I am less stressed. I think if I could actually see all the mud he gets covered in…..i would cry. X

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  4. Mr Hicks looks like he’s just wearing little brown boots! The dog I was dog sitting last weekend didn’t like mud so out walking I ended up walking through the muddy puddles so she could squeeze along the dry edge!
    Well done to your friend on her knitting😃


    1. Thank you. He definitely looked as if he had neatly dipped his paws in it just to make the carpet mucky – which made it rather funny. I’d say I long for a dog that doesn’t like mud, but secretly I’m eased he does 🙂

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  5. That was an interesting set of obstacles this week, no food and no knitting could have been the end of Bekki. Just as well the lovely husband was there to save the day. And a cream carpet and a dog – what were you thinking! 😀 I once put a big, beautiful shaggy white rug down right in front of the woodburner and watched it slowly but surely turn a mottled shade of grey over the first winter……… And well done to your first time knitter – she has learned very quickly, the second hat looks just lovely!

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  6. How exciting that your husband is on a sabbatical for six months. Hope you both enjoy the change in routine, and that it is rewarding. Lol- oh dear – mud boots on a cream coloured dog is never good news for a cream coloured rug! Glad you were not separated from the food in your pantry for too long, though I can see that you now have a new item on you ufo’s: fix door. 😉 Have a great upcoming week. Take care!

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  7. Wow, what an eventful week. Trust Mr Hicks to find the only mud puddle around. Sorry to see your needles broke, I just hope you were able to rescue the WIP.
    Great job at teaching your friend to knit, she is doing a stellar job at it, and so quickly.
    Have a great week. Take care. 🙂

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  8. Glad that you’re both jumping straight into the sabbatical with both feet – a meal out AND some DIY means everyone’s happy, I would imagine. We ripped up all the carpets downstairs and replaced with wood or tiles – essential with dogs and muddy football boots in this house. I gasped out loud when I saw the snapped needles! This happened to a set of my circulars and the whole lot needed picking up, I was not impressed. Your friend’s first hat looks better in my opinion, as the ‘wrong’ rows add lovely texture.

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    1. Thank you. The needles were old and second hand, so fortunately not costly or ones I’m particularly fond of, and since it was stocking stitch fortunately not too hard to rescue. You circular incident sounds far worse. As for carpets, we did that at our old house and everywhere else downstairs here has sensible flooring, but 3 1/2 years ago when we moved in we didn’t think with all his various health issues Hicks would be here for so long. Of course I’m delighted he is and dreading the day it becomes ‘worth’ cleaning that carpet.


    1. Ha ha! Yes an omen – or the door itself was exhausted from all the opening and closing 🙂 No need to apologise for laughing. I love that dog so much, all I could do was think how funny he looked. I didn’t even tell him off – he’s only looking sheepish, because of his quick removal from the lounge 🙂

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