Sunday Sevens – 12th march

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

Last Sunday we snuck off to Okehampton Station for breakfast – only just arriving before a hail storm.


It was so cold, even the polar bears from the Polar Express were hiding inside…


The week then turned very wet and damp. The river levels rose and the power of the water was incredible…


Of course Mr Hicks can always be relied on to find a nice safe stretch of water to paddle in. Unfortunately it was in the ornamental pond in the park…


Finally on Thursday the damp weather gave way to spring sunshine and for the first time in ages it was warm and dry enough to open all the windows…20170309_144127 - Copy

The daffodils positively sprung into bloom – there seem to be so many more this year than usual…


Mr Hicks also sprung into life. Positively smiling as he ran around the moor at Meldon…


Although Lovely Husband did have to help him with the steps over the river…


Hicks also spent hours out in the garden sunbathing and watching for rabbits…


So all in all a lovely end to a grim damp start of a week.

This week I’ve added a featured image from our walk at Meldon. This is a spot I absolutely love. Presumably it’s and old quarry, but now filled with water it has a wonderful magical quality about it.

Hope you’ve had a good one.


24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 12th march

  1. It’s always good to throw open the windows and give the house a good air out isn’t it? With three dogs, it’s usually a good idea too :/
    I love the photo of Mr. Hicks surrounded by daffs even though it looks as if you didn’t want to risk getting your slippers damp and took it from the window! 😉 Did he spot any rabbits?

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    1. I’m lucky that Hicks isn’t very smelly – possibly because of his allergies and love of mud, he’s constantly being washed. True, I didn’t want to get my slippers wet, but I was standing on the patio and I did want to get the daffs in. Oh yes, plenty of rabbits in our garden.

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  2. Great week all round indeed, despite a wet and rainy start. Looked like a great end to the week, with lots of walks and fun time outside. I love the station, it looks so peaceful and serene.
    I am happy to see Mr. H all smiles and happy and out and about. Weather is surely making him feel like Spring. Not to mention all those daffodils, I would be in heaven too. Amazing!
    Have a great week and enjoy. Hope the weather holds, as it is still pretty nice and comfy here as well.

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    1. The station is lovely, mostly run and up kept by volunteers. There are no trains except on a Sunday in the summer to Exeter and the Polar Express around Christmas. Hubby sat there last weekend and said he though it was one of his favourite places. Yes, the weather certainly suits Hicks 🙂 Sunny again today here too 🙂 Wishing you a fabulous week and fingers crossed your comfy weather stays xx

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      1. I love those stations. We only have a very few still. Mostly upgraded and modern now. Or else just the hop on / hop off stations. Were able to spend time at one last year, and the steam train ever ran there on the Sunday. It was amazing.
        Glad it is sunny there, here to. Lovely and cooler in the mornings now. Crisp and so fresh. Fall is definitely coming soon.
        Enjoy the week and take care. 🙂

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      2. I just love the steam railways. So romantic, although I expect the reality was less so when they were everyday trains. The railways here were closed in the late 60s – so the downside is we have to go 30 miles to a station to take us anywhere up country. They keep the track at Okehampton maintained, but as I say only really for decorative/tourist usage. It’s a shame as I think it would help regenerate the town, which although on the edge of the National Park is very down at heel. Your weather sounds lovely. I think the start of spring and of autumn are such amazing times. Wishing you a lovely week too xx

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  3. Good to see Mr Hicks found some safe water to paddle in😂
    It’s so good when it’s warm enough to throw those windows open, spring is definitely in the air& all those daffs are like a spot of sunshine. I’ve seen a lot more than usual at the roadside this year!

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  4. Thursday was lovely wasn’t it. We had lunch in the garden for the first time this year and it has really started to feel like spring 🙂

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      1. Hmm from that comment I guess so we were in t shirts and shoes and socks off. Was very warm in the sunshine but still a bit too cold when the sun went in for a while.

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