In Need of Colour – Good Vibrations

Last Sunday we went to the pub for a late Sunday afternoon lunch and I may have had a couple of glasses of wine. After I did a few odd jobs and caught up with reading blogs, I sat down to knit. I’ve two projects I’m keen to finish – my curl and my cable cardigan. But last week I remembered a project I’d bought yarn for ages ago. Once remembered, it keep calling…

Many months ago I saw this in The Woolly Beader in Okehampton and bought the yarn for it…

Good Vibrations 1

Since then the yarn has sat pretty much forgotten in my stash. But on Sunday it was calling so hard, I couldn’t ignore it. I dug through my stash and pulled out the yarn…

West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply
WYS Cocktail Range. Colourway: Rum Paradise 

The pattern, Good Vibrations, is pretty simply  – mostly garter stitch with German short rows making the ruffles along the edges.

German short rows? I hear you say. Yep I’d never heard of them either, but they’re just another way to do short rows. Understanding them was the simple bit. The hard bit was the few glasses of wine and that the pattern is translated from German and, for me anyway, was way to wordy and over explained – although that may have been teh influence of the wine.

After a false start (that may have been the wine also) and a bit of frogging, I was off. It’s turned out to be a perfect project. The ruffles only take five minutes each and the garter ribs are perfect knitting in the car on the windy roads, which are plentiful around here, and perfect for in waiting rooms etc too.

So far I’ve got this far…

Good Vibrations 2

Since I started knitting it, I’ve also realised why it was calling so hard. Everything else I’m knitting is grey, silver, cream or brown. I was in need of a a little colour!

42 thoughts on “In Need of Colour – Good Vibrations

  1. What a lovely colourful blog post!! Your shawl is looking super. I’d never heard of German short row shaping either until the West Yorkshire Spinners Rep presented us with the beautiful shawl, now it’s my favourite alliteration in the shop… surely you can see how easy this German short row shaping shawl is? (all in a good Sean Connery accent, of course). We have this gorgeous colourway in Aran weight now too. It’s a joy to work with 🙂

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    1. Hold on! Is it the shawl or the Sean Connery accent you’re in love with? 😉 Will have to pop in and have a look at the Aran weight. Haven’t been to Oke for ages until today – was going to pop on and say hello, but ran out of time 😦


    1. Maybe I should run a workshop for how to knit when you’ve had a drink? Or event better a whole knitting under the influence retreat for you to come and stay and help me drink copious amount of wine – what’s the worst that can happen? 🙂


      1. No sure about arm knitting. What if we end up tied up and unable to drink our wine? You’ve reminded me that once LH tried to initiate a game of drunken axe throwing at one of my birthday parties. Fortunately I was sober enough to stop him.

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    1. You’re right, although I also tend to knit colour and right now, I’m just knitting brown and white for the DYC – and to have two big ‘colourless’ projects – although that shawl yarn has some amazing hues in it, but not easy to see in electric light on a winter’s evening


      1. I think that is true of most of these days! Whether it’s a thing of being a little older or more likely, by design, the colour choices available in most high street shops are very limited too?! Wow when I think back to the 80’s there was sooo much colour and the effort to get everything to match, a new jumpsuit needed; shoes, clutch bag, beads earrings etc – makes me tired just thinking about it now lol ;-D

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  2. I absolutely love german short rows! My first pair of socks, I learned it for the toe and then for the heel. It made sock knitting seem so easy 🙂 I find my self substituting it for any pattern now that calls for a short row. The color of that yarn is also absolutely scrumptious!!!!

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  3. Those colours!!! Wow, what a way to start looking at Spring!! So very awesome!!
    And I just downloaded the pattern as well. 🙂 It looks pretty easy and nice knit to take along when knitting in the car or anywhere.
    I may not have a stunning yarn like yours, but this weekend I will need to stash dive! 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend!! Happy crafting!!

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    1. I’m sure you’ve got something equally lovely , if not as bright. The pattern is perfect for variegated yarn with the way it pools the colour in the triangle ruffles. I’m completely knitting it on the move now 🙂 Look forward to seeing you knitting it up. You have a great weekend too xx

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  4. Lovely colours! And yarn from up my way, I think I’ve seen the West Yorkshire Spinners warehouse in Dewsbury. (As you can see I’m a bit behind and working my forwards so I’m thinking I’ll be seeing this finished in a few minutes!)

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