Sunday Sevens – 12th march

Joining in again this week with Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins for Sunday Sevens.

This week started off with a trip to one of our favourite pubs, The Peter Tavy Inn, for a late Sunday lunch. I was so busy scoffing, I forgot to take a pic until I’d finished eating. So Lovely Husband posed for a pic instead – apparently this is his suave  face…


The rest of the week I had much healthier meals – even making some broccoli, kale and cauliflower soup inspired by  Ali who blogs as Thimberlina

20170317_140815 - Copy

Most days now I dog walk with lovely husband, which means I have someone to muck about with while Hicks dithers…

Lots more signs of spring to spot in the woods too. Tadpoles…


These are the first narcissi I’ve seen this year…

20170317_130513 - Copy

On Thursday I went to the physiotherapist and spotted this pic on the notice board in the waiting room…


While I was there my physio made me a cup of  peppermint and licorice tea – definitely my new favourite…


A short while ago we gained funding to have a defibrillator in the village, and on Saturday I attended a first aid course on how to use it…


We also did some more general first aid…


The trainer was Joe Rice of Joe Rice First Aid Training. If you’re local check out his website. He does some great courses and is an excellent trainer.

And finally, this week’s dog in a puddle pic…


Hope you’ve had a great week.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 12th march

  1. That ‘dog on escalator’ photo reminds me of having to pick up one of our dogs and carry her back inside if she’s found a hole in the fence and escaped from the garden. She melts into a boneless puddle on the ground and won’t get up so you have to scoop her up and carry her like a baby which is quite difficult as she’s around 18kg or so. Probably could do with a trip to the physio after doing it!
    Licorice flavoured tea is quite popular over here but I’ve never fancied trying it. Maybe I should.
    I like LH’s suave face – although it’s vaguely scary 😉

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    1. Am I reading it right that your dog’s scared of holes in the fence? I don’t like licorice itself, but the tea is fab – sort of licorice without being bitter. Sorry to hear hubby scared you. I’ll tell him off.

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      1. Things are always much later up here ;-/ Our daughter sent us a picture of their blossom tree in full bloom two weeks ago! Seems anywhere south of Birmingham is nearly a month in front of us.

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      2. I here where you’re coming from but our altitude usually puts us more on a part with you and than most south of Birmingham places. Obviously we’re a wee bit warmer this year. Ha ha! Listen to me, altitude, you’d think we were half way up Everest! 🙂

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      3. I almost had you down for a weather girl there for a minute, though I know what you mean being down and more exposed to the Atlantic I just wish it would start warming up here soon, still having to put cardi’s on all day and night!

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    1. It’s ok, the physio was just checking how I was going – I had a problem almost a year ago and she unearthed a problem with my spine that should have been spotted years ago and straightened it out. So Thursday was a check to see how I was going after not seeing her for eight months. I was a little tight, but couldn’t feel any pain and she was really pleased with me 🙂 Oh yes, Hicks loves a puddle.

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  2. Ha ha – excellent dog-in-a-puddle pic this week! I’m imagining you carrying Hicks up the escalator now. Fifi and Tess are a tad easier to manage. How nice to have the mister accompany you on your dog walks. I love it when mine does the same; partly because he always manages to include a pub en route:)

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  3. What a great week, and such definite signs of Spring!! Just amazing. And Mr. H is still loving his puddles.
    Well done on the training as well.
    All the best for the week and enjoy the good Spring weather and fresh air.

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  4. Brill pic of the dog being carried! I imagine Hicks expecting such treatment if the ground wasn’t up to his liking, as in not being muddy or wet enough! What did you think of the soup? I know some are put off my the kale but tbh I can’t taste it but you know you’re getting all the goodness. I’ve started using knorr ham flavour stock cubes which go really well with this soup.
    Good to hear you’ve got a Defib in the village, it really make a difference to the patients chance of survival. Last year I was called to a cardiac arrest at a golf club nearby, they’d had their defib only 2 weeks. I was there in 4 minutes from when the 999 call came in but in that time the staff had shocked him twice and gotten him back. The chap is in his 80s and back playing golf!

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    1. WOW! That’s a great story. We were told on the course about the improvement in statistics with having a defib. We ended up with the defib because an old lady in the village had a heart attack and the hotel were called to ask if they had a defib and after the event they pushed to get one in the village. (It took an hour and a half for an ambulance to arrive from plymouth.) Yes, I do like the soup – although I usually dunk my sandwich in it, so that adds to the taste.

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