Progress Update

My knitting is ticking along quite nicely now that hubby is off, because I can leave the driving to him and get on with my knitting. Although this does mean working on knitting I could do with my eyes shut, because the local roads are so wiggly I’d be sick even from glancing down at it.

My main car project is the Good Vibrations Shawlette. I do the ruffles at home as they can be a little too fiddly when flying around corners and the boring garter stitch rows in the car…


If I come to a ruffle section in the car, I switch to hubby’s Christmas jumper – perhaps it will even get finished this year?


My non car projects are ticking along nicely too. I’ve just finished the left front of my cable cardigan and started the right hand side.


In even better news, I’ve only got 13 rows of the Fakery Curl to knit…


And finally a finished object; a hedgehog for aΒ Hedgehog Keyring KitΒ for the shop…

So all in all not bad, although I do need to get more knitting thinking/experimenting time to work on my DYC projects.


39 thoughts on “Progress Update

  1. lots going on with your needles! Love the bright shawlette, and the shawl so close to done! Hurrah. Can’t wait to see that all blocked and lovely. The sweaters are looking good, too, and the hedgehog is so cute! You are so clever. πŸ™‚

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      1. πŸ™‚ I am working on one that I can only do two rows in a whole evening – and I have three more charts to go! This could require taking a leave from work to finish!

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  2. Look at you! You’ve got more WIPs than a bondage supply shop and none of them are UFOs. Well done.
    I’m sure you model all your animal faces on Mr. Hicks – even though this is quite a pointy one, I’m sure I can see a resemblance .

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  3. That’s a cute hedgehog! I’m with you on the boring knitting for car journeys as I also get nauseous if we’re on anything other than a motorway – and there aren’t any of those around here! Love the way you’ve got at least three WIPs which are all progressing quite nicely.

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    1. Don’t be envious. Yours is a good way to work too – and let’s face it, you’ve still got the same number of hours in the day whatever you do πŸ™‚ Glad you like the hedgehog πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you. It’s years of practice. I use to knit on the school bus as a kid, so i probably got used to being distracted and knitting in a moving vehicle without looking. Glad you like the hedgehog πŸ™‚

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  4. Looking good. I currently only have two projects on the go and only started the second one because I got fed up of the stockinette in my jumper… I feel I need to cast something else’s on for a bit of variation. :-p
    I love the hedgehog.

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