Sunday Sevens 26th March

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

Weather-wise it’s been a bit of a mixed bag; a lot of rain, but also lots of sunshine. So the rivers are full, but on the whole dog walking has been very pleasant…


Spotted this beautiful magnolia in bloom. Mine isn’t even trying yet.



Really pleased to see trees being planted in our local forest that was decimated last year as the Forestry Commission tried to get disease under control. But still sad that it’s not going to be the beautiful place it used to be for a very long time.


Lovely husband was very pleased with himself when he counted all the money up in his change jar and discovered he had £120…


Although I’ve been eating really healthily lately, I couldn’t resist these on cake craft afternoon….



On Friday evening we went out to dinner with friends and met their super-cute new puppy….


Having had these hiding in a box for a couple of years, I finally got them out to make a quilt for our bedroom. Mind, after calculating and thinking all I had time for was pressing them…


And finally this week’s dog in puddle pic…


Hope you’ve had a marvellous week!

29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 26th March

  1. It’s often the calculations that takes the most time in quilting – especially if your calculating skills are as bad as mine (although I know yours are not) . Lovely fabrics you have there – that’s going to be a pretty quilt.
    I love magnolia but, as with wisteria that seems to grow out of a crack in the ground in some places, we haven’t had any luck keeping one alive.
    Cute puppy but looks shy about having his photo taken – I can empathise.
    LH is going to be very popular at the bank I’m sure – although at least he’s bagged it all up and didn’t take the jar and empty it out on the counter.

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    1. I’m only doing something very basic – I know how to do more, but it’s been years since I made a quilt and I just want to get this done. So mostly just squares with a bit of something going on right in the middle. Maths was only really how many of each colour depending on how much of each i had and making some boarders in the middle, which I calculated then had to work out again when i didn’t have enough of the ones I wanted to use 😦
      Never had trouble with magnolia or wisteria – guess it’s just down to being in the right soil – cos I’m the kiss of death to most plants.
      Puppy wasn’t shy but was finally going to sleep and finally still enough to photograph 🙂
      The bank only let you take so many bags in at the time. Oh wouldn’t it be great to go and just empty the jar on the counter. I’d love to see their faces 🙂


  2. I’ve seen coins emptied out on bank counters before. Although, I think those doing it tend to be under eight years old and it’s a piggy bank rather than a jar. I don’t think LH would get away with it.

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  3. We used to take our coin jars into the bank and tip them out on the counter. The teller would give a strained smile and start counting. Then they got those tube thingies that did the calculations for them. Then we stopped using real money and now it takes forever to fill up my coin jar……

    The quilt will be lovely I’m sure. The puppy is cute. Puppies are always cute when they are asleep 🙂 And of course Mr Hicks in any puddle is a sight that makes me smile 🙂 I hope he is still doing well!

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    1. Good point about not using real money any more. I wonder how long it will take to fill ours this time. Thank you, yes Hicks is really good at the moment – has been much less damp of recent weeks and that’s really perked him up again 🙂


      1. A little sign of spring giving him renewed vigour then. Lovely! My Orlando is aging now and didn’t much enjoy winter last year, I’ll need to cosset him a bit with this coming one and make sure he has the best spot by the fire 🙂

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  4. Look at that Magnolia! Would love to see yours when it reaches full bloom too. I think the quilt will look great when you’ve put those fabrics together. They remind me of the Cath Kinston fabrics!…that puddle looks very comfy too!

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  5. Yeah spring it’s finally starting to show, the plums are in full bloom behind the house in soton. I’m just waiting for my carpet of bluebells to flower in Poole. 🙂
    That quilt is going to be lovely. I wad just thinking of making myself one for my bed to change up the colour scheme a bit. Great minds think alike :-p

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    1. Thank you. Must go check my plum tree – it’s hidden behind the stables. I keep looking for bluebells, but I think we’ve a while yet? Look forward to seeing your quilt. Sure you’ll finish heaps ahead of me.


  6. Its so nice here too at the moment. Lots of days of rain but now actual sunshine.And on day 3! That magnolia looks amazing. We have a coin jar too and it always surprises us with the amount collected. Its bought us a tent before now. And we need a new tent so had better get counting! X

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  7. Glad your weather is so nice. This morning started cloudy and chilly but the day warmed up again, and it turned out stunning. Not quite Fall just yet.
    So happy to see all the new trees. Indeed, they may grow slow, but it will be great to watch them get bigger each year.
    So much small change. I never seem to have any, somehow I spend them just as they come in. 🙂
    The puppy is just adorable, and Mr. H is still super cute and happy in the various puddles.
    Love the fabric, I can already see a stunning quilt in the making.
    Have a great crafting week. 🙂

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    1. I think it was the new pound that inspired hubby to do it to make sure we’re not hanging on to any past being able to spend them. Ha ha! A calendar – I’d probably have two takers – me and you 🙂


  8. We won’t have a bank to take our coins to in October as we had a letter through this morning saying that our local branch was closing down. I know we’ve been lucky thus far to have a bank in the next village, but I can’t help feeling annoyed that it’s going to be an hours round trip from now on. I’m quite envious of your quilt making – I have so many that I have no excuse to make another. I am in the process of making a little one for our grand daughter though, so that should satisfy the need for a while. Thanks for the obligatory puddle picture – makes me smile every time:)

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    1. Sorry to hear about your bank. We’re about an hour round trip from our nearest branch – although we’re thinking of switching banks so we’re only 20 minutes away from one. We only have a small shop in our village and the post office visits the village hall between 11 and 3 on Tuesdays and Fridays 🙂
      You’re right, you only need so many quilts! Glad you’re enjoying the puddle pics 🙂

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  9. There must be some age defying minerals in the mucky puddles down your way! Hicks is looking as fab as ever and no cute pup can steal his thunder! I think my healthy eating habits and will power would have come into question had I seen those cakes in real like too! 😋

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