A bit more progress – Dartmoor Dormouse

There was a wee project I didn’t admit to finishing on Tuesday, because I’ve grown wise to not declaring kits are finished until they really are ready – i.e. the packing is also ready and the little critter is up on the website shop. If only I could simply knit the creature, write the pattern, have it checked and the rest sort itself out!

Anyways, here’s another project I finished this week…


Hope you like him!

30 thoughts on “A bit more progress – Dartmoor Dormouse

  1. So cute. What a lovely little kit.
    I was back in Devon this weekend and found out that the shops at Dartington now have a yarn shop the wool merchant and thought of your stuff. I wonder if they would be one of the type of places to sell your wares as the rest of the centre is moving towards focusing on locally produced stuff.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I had spotted that too – although I haven’t been over there. I just want to get the rest of my new kits finished and am going to contact them. But thanks for telling me, I only spotted it because Anniken is taking some workshops there.

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      1. Cool.
        Yeah they had weaving looms out on the tables when I was there. It looked like a nice place. Lots of wools that I have heard about but never seen in person before.

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      2. Brilliant. I did have a google. Apparently they used to be at Tiverton, but have closed that shop and moved to Dartington. I’d have thought that’s a much better spot. Weaving looms sound great – I’ve been thinking about having a ho at that. Thanks again for telling me. I wouldn’t have known it was there if it hadn’t been for Anniken.

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