Sunday Sevens 9th April

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

As luck would have it, a week after I decided to finally start making a quilt for our bed, the Spring Quilting Festival was on in Exeter. So last Sunday, me and my crafty chums headed off for the day. Β Along with the stalls was a quilt exhibition of the South West Quilters Quilts…


As you can see it was incredibly quite at the show and apparently had been all weekend.

I made some purchases for my quilt…


I also managed to buy a few other bits and bobs…

While I was away, LH began building some shelves for my office…


Over in the field behind us, the mummy sheep and their lambs arrived from their field closer to our neighbours farm…


I also spotted this cutie and his mum while out cycling…


At home, our mistle thrush arrived a couple of weeks ago and this week has been very busy feeding her babies…

Mistle trush

As you can see, it’s been a lovely sunny week. Although the rivers are full, the puddles have all dried up. So no dog in a puddle pic this week. But here’s my friend’s dogs that I walked with having a swim last Tuesday – despite being a retriever – Mr Hicks does not do swimming.


On Thursday we had lunch in the sunshine in the garden of the Bearslake Inn, which must be one of the prettiest pubs in England…


And on Saturday, we partied with friends to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Β Sorry, not very good pics it was very dark !


20170408_233408Hope you’ve had a great week!




21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 9th April

  1. Our retriever never swam either, only wallowed like Mr. Hicks but sometimes did a bit of snorkelling with head under.
    Despite the better weather here, I still believe there’s nothing quite like an English spring (although preferably with sun) and there’s definitely nothing quite like a English village pub – I’m having a homesick moment.
    I never knew anything like a ‘quiet’ quilt show existed. Where were all the coach parties of women of a certain age? At least you got a clear view of the quilts and the merchandise. Were there many stands?

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    1. HRH snorkels too – particularly to fish out other people’s lost tennis ball. The place was about a 1/4 full of stands but I’m trying that’s usual for that show. Hope the homesickness has passed xx


  2. How disheartening for the quilt exhibitors after all that hard work – months, if not years of stitching. That pub is definitely a contender for prettiest hostelry, although I think that about so many! Good to see that the sun has made more than a brief appearance this week – Dartmoor certainly looks stunning in the sunshine.

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  3. How disheartening for all those poor quilting crafters!!!! I’ve been in those situations, where the advertising has not been sufficient, or, there has been another local event on the same day! Which is one of the reasons I gave up all the hassle and stress of fairs ;-/ Some lovely purchases though, which I’m sure lifted their spirits too! LH has been busy!! those new shelves will be so useful! Aww lots of new lambs, I love seeing them in the fields Hope Mr. H gets his puddles back soon πŸ˜‰

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    1. You’re right, fairs are very hit and miss whatever you’re selling. Personally I can live a little longer without the puddles – don’t think it’s too selfish to want lovely sunshine and a clean dog once in a while.

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  4. Looks beautiful and green and ready for some serious outside time and walks and fun. Just stunning. Love the quilt goodies and fabrics, so delicate.
    Glad you had a fun packed week. Enjoy the new one too. Take care. xx

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      1. πŸ™‚ Greetings from a chilly and wet Johannesburg today. I think the weather is playing tricks on us. Warm the one and chilly the next. The rain is late for this time of the year, but the leaves are turning and falling now. Should have some lovely Fall colours soon.
        Enjoy and take care. πŸ™‚

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