Finished Project – Good Vibrations

Delighted to tell you my good Vibrations shawl is finished!


I’ve been knitting it as my pay no attention project – apart from that I did give a little attention to the ruffles. Β This means I pretty much feel I haven’t put any work into it. Or I would have, if all that garter stitch on thin needles hadn’t made my thumbs sore.

Apart from sore thumbs, I’m very please with it. Even though I lost a game of yarn chicken.


I took it away with us at the weekend, so there were no digital scales to weigh my ever decreasing ball of yarn. Β ButΒ Running out of yarn wasn’t a big deal, as I remembered I had a ball of yellow 4ply BFL at home.


This blended quite nicely and meant I didn’t have to frog the last row.

As I said above, I’m very pleased with it. I love the way the yarn pools in the ruffles and it’s such a simple pattern even a beginner could knit it. The pattern has been translated from German and in my opinion doesn’t read easily, so a beginner would probably need the German short rows explaining, but they are dead easy.

Details of the pattern and yarn are in this post I wrote when I started the project.


25 thoughts on “Finished Project – Good Vibrations

  1. it’s very pretty! A good mindless knit and something to show for it – besides sore thumbs! I love the bright colors, and I would never have noticed the yellow if you didn’t show it.

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  2. It’s turned out beautifully and the yarn does blend in well. Wish I hadn’t lost yarn chicken half way through the bind off as I still haven’t found the right yarn to finish off my shawl…

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