Sunday Sevens – 16th April

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

Last Sunday Morning we were still at the Outlaws and Lovely Niece brought Lovely Great Niece to visit us…

After lunch we headed off to friends and had a lovely 24 hours with them, leaving for home after a pub lunch on Monday …

All of us

On Wednesday I was very lucky to be included in a focus group set up by a lady doing a PhD on knitting and well being. I can’t even begin to tell you what and amazing and profound experience it was and count myself very blessed to have been invited. I only remembered to snatch a photo on the way out of me and the lovely Debbie from Wool on the Exe, who also attended….


Lovely husband had come into Exeter with me, so we had lunch on the quay…

Then we did a little shopping and bought two lamps for our bedroom…


The lady in the shop was looking after her daughters dog, who was getting rather restless. So while she wrapped our lamps and LH paid, I took Bear the dog for a short walk…


Saturday was the first produce morning of the year in our village hall. I’ve decided to have a stall there this year as it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning, whether I sell anything or not…


My stall was next to my Farmer next door neighbour, who along with selling her produce was selling some bric-a-brac. I spotted two of these and bought them for our hallway.


Oh yes, I do love an art deco lamp and living in a house that’s 100 year’s old, means they’re absolutely perfect.

And finally, my Sunday Sevens wouldn’t be my Sunday Seven’s without a dog in a puddle (river) pic…


Hope you’ve had a great week!

20 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 16th April

    1. Thank you. I am very happy with both lighting purchases, but loving those shades best. Just need hubby to swap them with the ones we currently have in the hall and put the ones we currently have the hall where the shades that really need replacing are. I remember a lot of cussing and swearing going on when he put them up, so might need to prod him.

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  1. Adorable great niece/lighting/borrowed dog/habitual dog.
    I don’t know why you can’t begin to tell us what an amazing and profound experience you had – I think we should know!
    Happy Easter

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    1. Thank you. I kind of can’t quite get my head round it myself. It was very moving and connecting as well as being extremely interesting. The sort of experience/feelings they haven’t made the words to adequately describe. Happy Easter to you too xx

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  2. Fabulous lamps – they’d also be perfect in our 1930s home, if you ever get bored with them:) A ‘profound’ experience sounds like we need to hear more about this. Lovely times spent with friends and dogs and babies – perfect!

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    1. I really am I love with those lamps, so I’m afraid I won’t be letting you have them any time soon. So hard to explain about the profound experience. I’ve worked with and been fascinated with freeing creativity for years but in a very isolated way. Hearing others have worked in a similar way was so confirming and exciting 🙂 I really feel there is some way to help people with real challlenged with a combination of knitting and freeing the mind and helping people’s thinking/challenges. But I’ve still no idea how it works.

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  3. What beautiful lamps! I love glass it is so beautiful to see the light through – your house sounds as if it is just right for a little Art Deco!

    Mr Hicks is looking splendid!

    I am so pleased the connection with knitting and wellbeing is recognised, I find great comfort in the meditative process of crochet, it is so soothing.

    Lovely to see your stall, it looks really great!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I was pleased when I heard about her research too. Having worked with creative people for so long, it’s wonderful to hear creative pursuits are finally being recognised as important to health in the main stream medical thinking. I too find crochet very meditative – far more so than knitting.

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  4. Hope you sold lots at your sale. Super purchases. I totally get the knitting well being thing, I can go into a trance state with plain ss. Hurrah for Hicks. I have few dog in river pictures myself this week!

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    1. I sold a few things. It’s only a very small ‘event’ so it was as much, if not more, about being part our community. Although it seems a good plan to have a bit of a pop-up shop there now people are getting to know about the DYC locally. Look forward to seeing your dog in a puddle pics 🙂


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