Project Progress – 25th April

Having cut out all the pieces for my quilt by 3rd April, progress ground to a halt as we went away for a long weekend followed by Easter at home with Family. I finally managed to start sewing the pieces together last Wednesday and have achieved my promised hour every day since then…


With the exception of the button/buttonhole bands, I had finished my cable cardigan before we went away, so took it with me to sew up. I wanted to block it before I made the button/buttonhole bands, as I thought it would be easier to attach/make them, however, the fakery cowl beat it to the blocking mats and hogged them all over Easter as I was distracted elsewhere. But finally, it’s now being blocked…


Although I finished several project in April, apart from a few DYC designs I’m working on, I’ve only started one project this month- a cable sweater…


Apart from that, my only other project is Lovely Husband’s Christmas Jumper that I may have knitted half a row of, so is definitely a WIP and not a UFO 🙂


Can’t believe I’ve so few knitting projects on the go!

Hope you’ve had a productive April too.

22 thoughts on “Project Progress – 25th April

    1. Thank you. You’ll be pleased to hear this lady is for turning 🙂 I’ve decided I will release it, but I do need to get my head around writing it up. It’s a lot more than I’ve done so far, although that doesn’t bother me in itself, but it’s a lot more calculations and stuff to put together. So may be a while.
      No, loads more top to go on the quilt.


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