Project Progress

It’s been two weeks since my last progress update and in that time I’ve added two more boarders and two sides of the 6 1/2 squares to my quilt. However I haven’t always managed my hour a day – haven’t even touch it for a week – but I don’t think that’s too bad given that we have been doing rather a lot at home…


The grey cardigan is almost finished, but you know how it goes with sewing up, and anyway, I’m still waiting for the buttons I ordered…


Cable sweater progress has been better, I’ve finished the second sleeve and have almost reached the armholes on the front…


I’ve also knitted three finger puppet sheep from my sheep keyring pattern

In real life my hands are not this colour.

…and dyed some roving…


And as for the Christmas sweater, I think I’m best just not mentioning that.


Hope you’re making good progress on all your projects.



32 thoughts on “Project Progress

    1. I tend to to just go with what I feel I’m in the mood for. Although the roving dyeing is happening on the aga, so works around hubby not being in the house and not doing too much and taking all heat out as it’s a night storage aga.


    1. Thank you, I am very pleased with the way the grey cable has turned out. i have only just got my sewing machine back out after it being abandoned for months 😦


      1. I have always had breaks from particular crafts. My sewing machine had had a ‘rest’ for a while before Christmas last year. My knitting needles are my constant though.

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  1. Wow – loads of progress! (Well, you said not to mention the Christmas sweater) The gray cardigan is just lovely, and the blue cables are wonderful, too! I can’t believe the progress you are making on the quilt, it is so pretty and soft looking. Great work! My big projects are coming along slowly, but taking photos helps me see that I AM making progress…

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    1. Thank you. that’s one of the great things about blogging, it stops you forgetting how much you’ve done. Or – in the case of the red jumper – reminds you what you are procrastinating about 🙂

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      1. I have to make it because I’ve promised it to hubby. One thing that’s stopping me is that it’s on metal needles and I know they hurt my hands and I never have a free wooden pair the right size – so have have just ordered some from my LYS :-), Let’s see what my next excuse is when they arrive 😉

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      2. As I was reading, I was going to suggest a new pair of needles, lol. What else don’t you like about it? What do you like to do that you can use to bribe yourself with?

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  2. So many projects, I love your sewing, and so impressed with the cables. But oh the red jumper, I can see why its not making progress.. new needles and some jolly good films are called for.

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  3. The more I see that cable cardigan the more I love it. Aww – it looks like little hearts.
    What can I say about sheep finger puppets? Words would be inadequate.
    I have made absolutely no progress on any projects because I’ve been in the U.K. – unless you count spending loads of money on eating out, fabric, yarn and M&S undies as projects.

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    1. Thank you – yet again 🙂 I am very pleased with it and I did want them to look like hearts when I designed it. Just wait until you see my plans for the finger puppets. Yes, of course, spending loads of money on eating out, fabric, yarn and M&S undies are projects 😉 Hope you’re having fun in the UK!


  4. Pretty good progress, I’d say, especially seeing as you have quite a few WIPs. It’s good to have several on the go so you can pick up whichever one you’re in the mood for, I agree. Although it would seem I’m always in the mood for socks at the moment, as a second knee-high pair are close to being cast off.


  5. Wow! How busy have you been! Your quilt is coming on really well!
    The healthy eating and training and now the golf season has started has left me rather unproductive and I’m not liking it. In need to find a balance otherwise I’m gonna go bonkers! X

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    1. Thank you. Now I have the dyes out I’ve also got ‘our’ wool’ in my sights to do some test dyeing on 🙂
      It is hard to fit everything in. Mr Hicks used to be my exercise, but now we just potter, it takes as long and I have to exercise separately – which is why I’ve put the weight on, because there often just isn’t time. On the plus side, the knitting is growing well, because hubby is off, so I can knit in the car when previously I would have been driving and he’d have been at work.
      Hope you find a balance. At least you’ve lost the weight now, so you maybe don’t need to go as hard at the exercise? xx

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