Happy 13th Birthday Mr Hicks!

A year ago today, I wrote a post in celebration of Mr Hicks’ twelfth birthday. I talked about his health challenges and said that if I was honest, I’d never thought he’d make twelve, let alone be as healthy as he was last May. So I can hardly believe that today we’re celebrating his thirteenth birthday!


Hicks’ last year has thrown up more health challenges: Most recently, what we’re guessing have been a few TIAs. In July a spate of recurrent bladder infections were finally pinned on the new ‘miracle’ medicine which was doing so much to prevent all the health issues caused by his allergies. So in July he came off that and we moved back to more high maintenance routines, which help, but aren’t as effective as the medication.  A large malignant tumour appeared in his right thigh in October, The case not to operate was overwhelming, yet still a stressful decision to take. But, although it’s still growing at quite a rate, it doesn’t cause him any pain, we’ve been told it won’t metastasise, and his arthritic knees are currently still more of an issue for him. But not too much of an issue, if you look at these pics, all taken over the last year…

Last year I said Mr Hicks’ birthday was a special cause for celebration in our house, so I’m sure you can imagine how much more special this year is.




30 thoughts on “Happy 13th Birthday Mr Hicks!

  1. Well done everyone! Happy birthday Mr Hicks ❤ May there be more of them and a large number of puddles to be enjoyed in good health also! You have done such a good job of caring for your boy Bekki I am sure he will hang in there with you for a while yet. They are our short term treasures aren't they – reminding us that love and joy are free and here for the giving and the taking whenever we have eyes to see. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Oh my Mr Hicks a teenager, he will now get huffy puffy with you, sigh a lot, roll his eyes, walk ten paces away from you and pretend you are nothing to do with him! Happy birthday Mr Hicks, may all your walks be full of rivers and muddy puddles. Thank you for all the pleasure you bring to blog land. Mr Hicks , I salute you.xxx

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    1. Ha ha! He’s done the walk the ten paces (if not more) away all his life. Always reminds me of that teenage patch when the kids don’t want anyone to think they have parents 🙂 Hicks says, Thank you for the good wishes. He’s glad he makes you smile and sends a snuggle in return to your salute 🙂 xx

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  3. Looking good Mr. Hicks! I’m coming over to Dartmouth for a roll around in those rejuvenating mud baths with you – they obviously work a treat. Well done to your humans for caring so well for you – I hope you let them have a piece of your birthday cake 😉

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  4. What a guy and certainly a fighter for life!! I’m sure Mr, |Hicks enjoyed his special day with lots of treats 😉 |Here’s to many more special memory making days wallowing in puddles 😀

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  5. Lots of hugs and kisses to Mr. H. He sure is looking very up and about. Still active and funny and loving his puddles. We love seeing each week what he is getting up to. Enjoy the new week and warmer weather and lots of country walks. 🙂

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