Heartfelt Cardigan TA DA!

Many years ago, when I did not have the time to knit a cable cardigan, I bought a cream cable cardigan. I very much loved my cardigan, but over time it grew. As it grew, it moved from being a favourite cardigan to a pull on when it’s chilly cardigan. But still it grew and the cream began to turn a little grey however well it was washed. So it became a throw on when it’s chilly and you’re absolutely sure no one will see you in it cardigan.

20190319_165215gggI wished and wished my poor cardigan was still new, until one day I realised wishing was going to get me nowhere.  So I picked up my needles. I wanted to knit an near identical cable cardigan in my grey Dartmoor Yarn Company wool, but one that felt a little more feminine. I loved the idea of cabled hearts, but this was the closest I could find in a stitchionary.


But it just wasn’t heart shaped enough and I certainly didn’t want anything as untidy as the way that one pulls at the sides – although I did wonder if that was down to the skill of the knitter who made the sample for the book.

There was nothing for it but take out my graph paper and design my own.

The pink one is my first attempt.

And so I began knitting, until finally…



Heartfelt Cardigan

I’m very pleased with the finished cardigan, but not so pleased with the size of my hips and bottom.  I did intended it to be slightly looser fit and I did get the measurements right – I just failed to lose the weight I intended. So now my cardigan is finished, I’ve absolutely no excuse not do it justice by getting on with losing those extra inches, which I lost last year then put half of them back on again!

I also now need to get the pattern written up within a month as I promised in the goal I added to my 2017 list last month.

48 thoughts on “Heartfelt Cardigan TA DA!

    1. Thank you. I did really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to writing up the pattern, it’s just working it out sleeve length compared to bust size etc for all the different sizes that I don’t want to have to do.

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  1. I love this – as you know – and it will hopefully be my next knitted clothing project so I am looking forward to ‘the release’.
    I hope your old ‘throw on when nobody can see you’ cardigan will not be totally discarded in favour of the ‘brand new, clever cable, let’s hope everybody will see me’ one. There will always be room for the ‘cosy, comfy, stretched out, doesn’t matter if it get’s dirty’ cardie won’t there?

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    1. As I know 🙂 But thank you again and I promise I will get on with that pattern. Have started, but you know how it goes. As for old faithful, I’m wearing him now 🙂 but planning on wearing my new beau tonight – even if it is too warm, it is knitting group 🙂

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      1. I think so. Although I saw some of the younger members, who have school age kids and apparently I need to send out emails at the beginning of the week so they can get husbands sorted in time 😦

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      2. In the case of my husband, back in the day, it would have been a case of making sure he came straight home from work and not ‘drop in’ at the pub on his way. Well, it was London and the 90s.

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  2. Wow Bekki that is absolutely stunning, I love it. Can’t wait till the pattern comes out – hope it’s going to allow for my fat bum. It’s amazing how we all have one of ‘those’ cardigans – mine is at least 22 years old.

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    1. Hello! Thank you. So glad you like it 🙂 Don’t remember you having a fat bum – hope that doesn’t sound weird. 22 years – that’s great. They become old friends, don’t they? 🙂


  3. Stunning! What a great job you made of your cardigan. I LOVE the hearts. I too have a well loved aran cardigan, I picked it up 10 years ago in a charity shop. I would love to recreate it – as it is tatty now – but am not as skilled as you obviously are. Mine was originally made for a man as it buttons up the ‘wrong’ way, and the neck seam even has fabric binding inside to stop any itchiness ( I suppose that was why?). I just love my scruffy old aran. Green with envy at your skill!

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    1. Thank you. You’re very kind. It’s so lovely to hear about so many people’s well loved cardigans. I thinks men’s can be especially snuggly because they’re larger than they need to be 🙂


  4. It’s beautiful Bekki – as are you modelling it! And you are so clever to invent it! A cardi made of cabled hearts would be a beautiful thing to wear indeed. Oh lordy, I’m almost tempted to give it a whirl………

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      1. Exactly! But – you know what they say about the best laid plans …..And over three nights I’ve just finished 15 crochet soap bags for a friend who has her own line of soaps and natural skin products. Not bad for someone who isn’t 🙂

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  5. And to think I may all that fuss about one heart! It’s wonderful. I know what you mean about favourite throw ons. I have a cable white jumper which I have owned for maybe 20 years, and it too is only used when no-one else is about. BTW, nothing wrong with the rear end.

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    1. You didn’t make fuss, you were justifiably proud 🙂 Great to hear of another throw on when no one is around cable knit. Thanks for the rear end compliment! 😉


  6. This is gorgeous! You never fail to impress me with your knitting skills. I thought the fit looked great but then didn’t know how you intended it to fit til I read at the end, but I’m sure you’ll soon shift them few pounds and be happier with the fit 😃

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  7. I am so happy to see your stunning cardigan. You did the perfect job at it, and the pattern you designed for it is amazing. It is neat and crisp and well divined, you can see absolutely all the special detail in it. It is perfect. 🙂
    What extra pounds? I dont see any and I think you look just as perfect as your cardigan. 🙂

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