Work in Progress – 30th May 2017

I’m not getting anywhere near my hour a day in on the quilt, but I have now added the rest of the boarders trips and a row of squares around the edge…


I’ve also completed two 16 patch squares for the next part…


…and have sewn together lots of strips of four for the other 16 patch squares…


In an extraordinary turn of events, I actually picked up my cross stitch – I did about half of this over the last couple of nights, but it has made my wrist/thumb hurt 😦


I’ve come to a hiatus on the cable sweater, because I can’t find the inclination to work out the decreasing for the front neck…


I’ve knitted a little of the sock I cast on last week.


I’ve also cast on and knitted some of a scarf…


And finally, delighted to say that buying a new needle to knit hubby’s Christmas sweater worked and I’ve done a bit more of that…


Hope you’re having a productive craft week.


28 thoughts on “Work in Progress – 30th May 2017

  1. I made scented candles!!! Been so busy finishing the new book I’ve had no time for craft so it was great to get my hands grubby again 🙂

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    1. Love scented candles. Glad you found some time to dabble in something more ‘grounded’. I find writing takes me way too far into the clouds and crafting is a great way to pull me back down. Mind these days I have in my head in the clouds thinking of craft things to make 🙂 When’s the new book out? Still chuffed you won the Crystal Kite – you so deserved it 🙂


  2. It’s all looking pretty good to me – that quilt will be magnificent in the end. Loving the blue cable – one day you will be ready to work out the neck line. I’m crocheting a scarf (and cleaning up and sorting out my art space again) 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’m pleased with the quilt – but I always think quilts are down to choice of fabric, which i timerously ran past my friend who’s good at colour before I started. I love the cable, just always get to it too late in the evening to start measuring. Yay! to the crochet scarf. Look forward to seeing it. I definitely need to do some cleaning up/sorting out of my craft space.

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  3. All in all excellent progress on your projects. Loving the quilt, I can imagine it being nice and soft and warm already.
    Great knitting projects, and I am happy to see the red sweater is making progress again.
    Your stitching is super cute, and I am sorry to hear it is hurting your hand. 😦
    Have a great week and enjoy.

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      1. It is a good week here, lots of work, and less knitting therefore. But I finished a huge job yesterday, and will get back to knitting more now.
        Winter is here, had the slightest dusting of frost on the cars this morning. 🙂 Yay!
        Sorry about your hand. It is not comfortable at all. Take it easy, I am sure a bit of rest and you would be back to perfect. 🙂

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      2. Well done on finishing the huge job. Pleased to say for me. I’d forgotten frost existed. I think you’re very much like me in that you enjoy the heat of summer, but don’t like the weather to the same for too long and enjoy the changes more?
        Thank you. My hand is better for just not doing the embroidery, so maybe just a very little of that at a time. I’m out on my bike more now – rather than using the turbo trainer in the house – and that isn’t helping my hands and wrists 😦 Will have to learn to ride without holding the handlebars 😉

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      3. Indeed, I think so too, but then again, I love any weather, as long as it changes often enough. 🙂 I do love your foggy days the most though.
        Glad your hand is better.
        You know, I have not been on a bike in ages. I dont think I will be able to ride one anymore. My can roller blade and ice skate, but I think my bike riding skills are long gone. My daughter had a scooter when she was in highschool, and it was a huge “spoil” to hop on and hop off, no traffic issues, easy parking, great for popping to the store and back. Unfortunate we sold it when she went to University and wanted a car rather. 🙂 I do miss the little scooter.
        No, rather dont learn to ride without holding the handlebars, the mere thought of it is scary. 🙂
        Have a great weekend and enjoy!

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      4. Am in awe of you roller balding and ice skating and the cliche does say you never forget how to ride a bike. Don’t worry, i’m too much of a wimp not to hold the handle bars. Mind I saw kid the other day riding down hill in the village with his hands on the handlebars and just one foot on the saddle, now that really is scary 🙂 You have a great weekend too xx

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      5. 🙂 Roller blading and ice skating was one of the big things when I was younger, and we just could not get enough, every weekend was ice skating. The ice rink is a bit away from where I live now but still so much worth the trip and fun. It is something I just never seem to have outgrown. 🙂
        When it comes to bikes I just never got it, and the ground is to far when I fall. lol.
        Hope you had a great weekend and perfect weather. Enjoy the new week.

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      6. Isn’t it funny what one person finds easy another finds hard – I could never get the hang of roller blades – or rather skates in my day. The ground seemed far farther than falling off a bike – which I’ve done several times. We had a pretty wet Saturday and a very wet Sunday. But I was quite pleased as it stopped for most of Saturday’s party and I’d given up on having enough rain water for my fleece washing and was going to risk tap water. But now I have enough rain water 🙂 have a lovely week xx


  4. Wow and super wow! You certainly have a lot going on. I am dying to learn to quilt and have amassed a small stash of fabric and thread (along with a computerized sewing machine that I have no idea how to use). I love your choices and can’t wait to see what gets finished first!

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    1. Thank you. It’s very relaxing. I did a few courses with really experience tutors when I made my first one. I really enjoyed them and learned a lot tips and tricks that only experience can bring. So I’d highly recommend a class, if you can find one with a good tutor. but I know some sewers put their flag up to teach quilting when they really aren’t that experienced. Good luck!

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