Two small makes and an experiment

The weather’s been too nice to stay indoors this week, but I have had time for a couple of small makes…

A wee woolly house keyring…

Country Cottage keyring

and a wee woolly sheep brooch…


Both, of course, made from local wool.

I also filled the bin with water to have a go at using the Suint method of washing raw fleece.


Anyone ever had a go at this and got any advice?





11 thoughts on “Two small makes and an experiment

  1. Of course I know all about the Suint method but can’t possibly discuss it as it’s an old family secret – often called for when growing up in South London šŸ˜‰
    Good luck with it x

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  2. So sweet! A church would just need a little tower on one end of that house. Then it would be a small step to a castle. A pub just needs a pub sign… no end to my imagination on what somone else could do…

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    1. Great ideas. Pubs would be good šŸ™‚ Mind our local is pink! We also have a castle in the village – well, they call it that, but it was really a jail. No turrets though šŸ˜¦


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