An uncreative week

Unusually for me, this week I lost my crafty mojo. There’s a few things I could site as disrupting my energy flow, and I have taken note. But even when you know why, although I believe you can work on it, you can’t necessarily click your creativity switch straight back on.

I knew some of my hiatus was down to having so many ideas buzzing in my head I couldn’t settle to just one. So I made a list, but even that didn’t stop me phaffing and procrastinating. Finally on Wednesday I sat down to do some needle felting and realised my plans called for brown and grey roving. Despite having dyed a heap of roving a  couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t dyed any brown or grey.


I couldn’t face getting my dyes out – not that it would have taken long, so I had a go at making some wet felted beads – I’ve never wet felted before and my enthusiasm for that lasted about ten seconds. I hung on in there long enough to make 7 beads…


Thursday I decided to get my sewing machine out, but I realised the remnant of ticking I wanted to use had some sort of treatment on it, so I needed to wash it.


On Friday, while my ticking was still drying, I decided to make some cushion covers. Surely that wasn’t beyond me.  But just as I’d cut the first one out, I realised that fabric too would have some sort of treatment on it. If I didn’t wash it first, I wouldn’t be able to chuck my cushion covers in the washing machine when needed.

I began to wonder if it was my brain rather than my mojo I’d lost, but this morning I woke up feeling more perky. Having made my first cup of tea, I put on a pan of roving to dye grey. There was a wee near disaster when I mistook the red dye for the black – yes maybe my brain has gone AWOL – but I quickly scooped most of it out and chucked some black on top of the grey.


Even my knitting hasn’t flowed, but I did finish the main knitting on my cable sweater – just the sewing up and the neck ribbing to do now.


So that was my week of almost non-existent creativity. Hope yours was better.



20 thoughts on “An uncreative week

  1. Well Bekki I am surprised, with lovely husband away I thought you would be cracking on with all sorts of things. Trust you and Hicks are ok, love xxx

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  2. Sometimes we just need to do something else for a while to let the creative juices bubble up again …. sounds like they are coming back and those felted beads look really interesting! What are you going to do with them?

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    1. Definitely agree with you. Ignoring the fact you can’t get into your creative grove and getting on with something else entirely is the the quickest way to bring it back. Bit like sulky kids really 😉 Firing on all cylinders this morning. Only made laptop to eat my breakfast – at midday cos I’ve got so engrossed 🙂


    1. Hate to rub in in, but mine’s back this morning. Ignore it’s gone and get on with something else – as Pauline has said – is in my book the best way to coax it back. And if it does take a while, at least you’re being productive in some other department. And I’m sure you 30 days wild focus will end up giving you loads of inspiration 😉 xx


  3. It happens to us all. I have lost my dressmaking/cartonnage/sewing up knitting mojos at the moment but my freehand machine embroidery and crochet mojos are in full swing.

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    1. A sewing up knitting mojo? Really. I thought that was just a myth. That is a lot of lost mojos – maybe they’re down the back of the settee. But sounds like you’re being ultra creative elsewhere so who cares?


  4. As my hero of project management, it’s quite re-assuring to see that you too have downs as well as ups. When I get like ths I focus on priorities and small steps. You will soon be on track! Felt beads are far harder than you would think. Hot hands seem to help the person I encountered who could make them easy peasy, and it wasn’t me!

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    1. Aw bless you for saying I’m your hero of project management. But yes, I am human 🙂 The good thing for me with all my coaching experience is that I never beat myself up – just observe and think what might be the cause and how I can address that – although of course things can’t always be addressed immediately. Priorities and small steps are a fantastic tip, but I confess got myself so befuddled and had so many ideas swirling, I couldn’t work out what was priority, Thanks for the hot hands tip – although I’m still thinking beads might not be the thing for me. I’ll give it another go thought when I’m in a more positive place than I was last time.

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  5. We all have weeks like that. Normally I can knit a square for my blanket in an evening after dinner but it took me 4 days and 3 restarts this week just to do the one. Maybe its something in the air . . .

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  6. At least you tried. 🙂 Not totally wasted anyway. You did find out that you dont really enjoy wet felting. That is something.
    Just put it down to the weather and the change in seasons, and keep smiling.
    My boss would say: Smile and wave. (from the Madagascar movies – the penguins always said that, and now we do to.) It keeps us smiling. 🙂
    Have a great week, and may it be more productive.

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