What needs to give and what you’d prefer


There’s so much going on around here, there’s just no way I can fit in everything I want to do at the moment. So, I’ve had a wee think about what’s will have to a back seat. Although I’m sad to do so, as it’s barely started running, I’m putting my Vlog/podcast on hold.


Meantime, I’m mulling over how to improve it and I hope you would give me some help -if you have a minute – by answering some of the following questions in the comments below:

  1. Do you regularly watch YouTube? If so…
  2. What sort of videos do you watch? and…
  3. What length are they usually?

If you watch knitting/fibre related Vlogs/Podcasts?

  1. What length do you think is ideal?
  2. How often do you watch them?
  3. Who do you watch regularly?
  4. Who do you enjoy most and why?

Sorry that’s a lot of questions and maybe I should have asked them before I started vlogging/podcasting, but if you’ve got time to answer even some of them, That would be fab.

Thank you!


22 thoughts on “What needs to give and what you’d prefer

  1. Some times you just can’t fit everything in, totally get that! So, good luck with whatever you get up to and hope to see you back soon properly. Answers to some of your Q’s – I watch youtube, usually how to work out how something works (eg, fit a new part on something or how to do some craft technique) and prefer shorter videos rather than longer ((3 mins maybe is good, like listening to a cd track!) I usually only continue watching if the voice is clear and the technique clear too. I hate the pop up ads and get rid of them soon as poss.

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  2. Good luck finding more hours in the day, or how to get away with less sleep! I tend to not watch/listen to vlogs, and the only podcast I listen to is Welcome to Nightvale, and even that not regularly…

    I just use youtube to listen to music 🙂

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  3. I don’t watch/listen to anyone regularly and I use youtube for music and how-to videos when I need help. I find it easier to learn by watching over just reading something. I think shorter is better on the videos… about 10 or 15 minutes is as long as I would watch.

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  4. I agree with tinaor. I don’t/can’t/won’t sit through a half hour video unless it’s a step by step tutorial for something I’m actually doing at that very moment. Normally I look up YouTube videos for a certain stitch or method for knitting/dressmaking/crochet or patchwork but generally like them to last between 3 and 10 minutes maximum. I confess I even skipped through a few frames of your own lovely offering 😦
    A really broad accent of any kind – or a grating or whiny voice – makes me switch off straight away and search for another presenter. (Don’t worry, you have none of those 🙂 ) Too much waffle before the tute also makes me fidgety.
    I don’t watch any one person regularly really but when I was re-learning crochet I found BellaCoco to be a very watchable presenter.
    Hope that helps.
    x x

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    1. Thank you m’dear that does help and it does sound like me, apart from that I do watch a few people sometimes. Good to hear I’m not too broad whiney or grating and no worries about the skipping – I appreciate that you watched it at all 🙂 xx

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  5. I’m quite a dedicated you tube user. I look up all kinds of things on it, from mixed media practises, fine art lessons, movie previews, news bites, music, craft how-to’s and so on and so forth. I prefer shorter bites, under 10 minutes – unless I am wanting to learn a new technique then I prefer real time, in depth tutorials for as long as it takes. I follow a couple of vloggers who both keep their reports relatively short, under 20 mins I think. I can manage that in one sitting usually. Personally I think I prefer shorter and more frequent rather than the other option. I do intend to follow you as soon as you put up another vlog 🙂 I also agree with tialys – I don’t stay watching anything which is whiney or negative or even filled with ‘ums’ Vlogging is a real art, a cheerful, swiftly moving chat with interesting tidbits is my cup of tea. I think you have the ability to be one of those. 🙂 Hope that helps xo

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    1. Hello 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to give me such in depth insight into how you use youtube. As you may have guessed I am thinking about shortening it, and that’s definitely the direction everyone who’s commenting is suggesting I should go. Especially thank you for saying I can be the sort of vlogger who you and others would enjoy 🙂 And yes, that really does help, especially because you’re someone who uses youtube a lot. Thank you 🙂 Have a lovely weekend xx


  6. Good plan you can’t do everything. I don’t watch you tube, unless someone points me in the direction of something useful, like a crochet border for some squares, and I need to wathc some how to sew a zip ones. Life is too short for me to do everything too, and I love reading blogs!

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  7. I tend to watch YouTube for videos rather than Vlogs or Podcasts, simply because I don’t have the luxury of time to sit through a half hour video. In fact, I look at the length of anything first and won’t bother if it’s more than 5-10 minutes, even if it’s something I’m really interested in. I think that’s why I didn’t watch yours, if I remember rightly it was over 30 minutes – sorry! Short and snappy is my personal preference:)

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    1. Don’t be sorry, thanks for taking the time to look back at my blog posts and give feedback when I you’ve been so busy. I rarely truck with youtube videos longer than 5 minutes, which was one of the reasons I wrote this post to ask others if they were the same.

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  8. All the best with whichever way you decide to go forward. I loved the first one, and enjoyed watching it. Normally I keep these for when I have enough time, specially the longer ones. I do watch very very few though. 🙂

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  9. Hi 🙂 Sorry I’ve been away so I’m a little slow in the response 🙂 I only tend to watch youtube vids what I am actually trying to figure out at the time rather than anything else. Last week it was k1 sl1 k2tog psso (which threw me complettely as I had no idea what the heck psso was haha) and sewing a knitted seam together, oh and how to change balls withoiut using a great big knot. Bear in mind that I have only just taught myself to knit in the past year or so 😀 All via Youtube 🙂 The ones I pick to watch are the informative ones that are very clear with instruction and don’t take 20 minutes to get to the bit I need. I’m really not one to watch vlogs bth I much rather enjoy reading them 🙂

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    1. Hello! Don’t apologise for speed, feedback is still very useful. I think only one of my readers has said they watch vlogs. The others like you want an instructional that doesn’t take ages to get to the point. I’d say that’s very much me, although I do occasionally watch vlogs when I’m doing something that only needs half concentration. The question in my head though is, since you guys are all blog readers, does that mean you prefer blogs and I’m asking the opinion of the wrong people? 🙂

      I think you’re doing brilliantly with your knitting – we all have to learn. I’ve been knitting since I was a child, but I still find new ways of doing things.


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