Progress on my creative goals

I intend to do an update every two months on my creative goals. However, the end of June whizzed past without me getting to them. So here I am, almost mid July, with a quick review of how I’m getting on…

Attend at least two workshops – I do love a good workshop, but having attended one in February, which was pretty much an expensive waste of time, I’m questioning what soft of workshop would be of value to me. There certainly don’t seem to be any knitting workshops that contain something I would like to learn, but that don’t contain a much larger percentage of what I could teach the workshop on myself.

Knit Lovely Husband a Christmas jumper – I’ve surprised myself here by actually doing some of this! The back is now all but finished – I need to do some calculations for the neckline, before I finish that – and I’m 2/3 up the first sleeve.


Learn something knitting related each month – I’m sure I’ve learnt more, but I’ve blogged about learning the following eight things in the last six months, so definitely on target with this one…

  1. Slopped shoulder bind off
  2. Casting on a flat circle without creating a hole in the middle
  3. Weighing wool to estimate if you have enough left for another row.
  4. German short rows
  5. Making knitting tutorial videos
  6. Judy’s magic cast
  7. Wet felting with a sander
  8. The suint method for washing fleece

Knit something that isn’t a project for the Dartmoor Yarn Company at least three times a week – Yep, sticking to this.

Make a knitted bag – not yet

Make gift a least once a month After a good start to the year, with a hat for a friend and a bowl of cacti for lovely littlest, I’ve rather ground to a halt. As I said above, I am working again on LH’s Christmas sweater and there is half a gift sock under way, but I really must refocus on this goal.


Become and remain UFO free all year – yay! still no UFOs to report

Write up non-DYC kit patterns within a month of completing an object/garment – I’m 50/50 here. I’ve written up the sock pattern quickly, but finished the Heartfelt cardigan two months ago and haven’t.

Work on my patchwork quilt for and average of an hour each day – opps! Haven’t touched this for a while.


Indulge in creative play one afternoon a week – with LH at home most of the time I’m finding it harder to connect to my creativity. However I did have a sewing day with a friend last month, there was the wet felting with a sander experiment a couple of weeks ago. I also played with some freestyle embroidery yesterday. So at least of recent weeks I’ve been managing to connect to this goal.

All in all that feels a rather C+ could have tried harder sort of six months. Time to focus properly on these goals, methinks, instead of taking such a slipshod attitude.

Hope your goals are going a bit better.

14 thoughts on “Progress on my creative goals

  1. Well, it’s good to have goals, but you’re not supposed to berate yourself if you don’t reach them! I would absolutely love to attend some workshops, but haven’t come across any locally that float my boat. Spinning, weaving, spoon carving – that type of thing are a bit thin on the ground. It’s so good to hear of the DYC’s continuing success, but that you’re promising yourself unrelated crafting at the same time.

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    1. Don’t worry, not berating myself, just reminding myself. If things stay undone I find it really useful to think about why, as the underlying reasons are often really enlightening – although sometimes it’s just because I forgot. In one way pleased to know I’m not alone in being frustrated I can’t find workshops, but in another sad, as it would be nice to know you had something good to attend. Or I could even have a trip out to Somerset to join you.

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  2. Sheila said exactly what I was thinking Bekki. Creativity doesn’t run to a time table. And I noticed that nowhere was the whole vlogging thing mentioned – which is a huge learning curve and takes a lot of creative energy……… I think you do pretty well really – oh and plus being my muse 🙂 (You may have to revise your goals for the year – just sayin’)

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, will add to my goals, take five photos a day to inspire you 😉 You’re right about vlogging not being in the goals list – I did wonder yesterday about adding it – but at the beginning of the year I didn’t know if I wanted to commit to it. I do now, but I think I need to work out what format I want it to evolve into before I start claiming it as another goal.

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    1. Thank you – I hoped someone would save me the calculation – sorry, I’m a naughty lazy girl. Although I always thought 45% was at best C minus 😉 Do you know, I had a whole heap of thoughts about Christmas presents and now I can’t remember what they were 😦


  3. Well done on the Christmas jumper. I bet if you got the darned thing done it would free the rest of you for everything else. I have decided that 17 different things are too many to focus on, and try to aim for a couple a month now. Goals should be fun!

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    1. I’m sure you’re right. I’m already feeling incredibly virtuous that I’m working on it. You look like you’re doing brilliantly juggling your 17 to me, but you’re the best judge of how it feels.


  4. I think your goals are going very well. The sweater is going to be done in time for Christmas I can tell, and it is stunning. Such a rich colour. Enjoy summer and being out and about. It is all about having a good time. Hugs to you all. 🙂

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