Mitred Square Mystery

While I’m rather busy at the moment, I don’t have a lot of knitting on the go – just LH’s Christmas Sweater, a couple of pairs of socks and something I’m considering frogging. Time to start some new, but not too overwhelming.

I love mitred squares. They’re cute, clever, quick to knit and satisfying. For quite some time I’ve had an idea in my head for them that I’ve not found the space for.  But right now focusing on one square at a time feel a perfect  project to add to my WIPs.

mitred square 1
Yesterday’s Square

So that’s the plan. I’m going to knit one square a day – although I may get carried away and knit more, and I won’t be bothered if I have a day when I don’t knit any. But roughly speaking, I’m going to knit one a day.

I’ll post them daily on Instagram and Twitter and leave you to guess what I’m making as it grows 🙂 I’m @dartmooryarns on both if you’re not already following me.

16 thoughts on “Mitred Square Mystery

  1. I take it from the yarn used in the square and the list you gave that the item you are considering ripping back is the lovely blue jumper? (Please say no, please say no….)

    I love a good mystery, so I’ll go find you on Twitter – even though, like facebook, I rarely remember to actually log on and check in 🙂

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    1. Panic not. That’s not the blue yarn from the blue jumper. The blue jumper is finished 🙂 It just needs sewing up.
      I rarely go to twitter eithr, but I do copy over to it from my instagram posts. Surprised you don’ instagram, it would suit your beautiful artwork posts


      1. Thank heavens for that! 🙂 You are not the first to say that exact thing to me about Instagram – but I am so reluctant to open yet another social media site that I never update unless I get my knickers in a twist and post some ‘take action now’ green ecological or political statement…….. Or belatedly wish someone a happy birthday because I forgot to send a card… sigh!! But, never say never! 🙂

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      2. I’m not very good at posting on instagram either, although in theory it hardly takes a moment. I do find it quite inspirational when i do look at it. And it will post on to twitter and instagram, so can save time to.


  2. Great plan. I did that with my rainbow squares blanket. I convinced myself I wasn’t making a blanket until I had well over 80 squares crocheted!

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  3. Hurrah for the Christmas jumper! I note that you have a stitch saved in the top corner, is that for hanging I wonder, are we looking at bunting? I don’t do social media apart from Facebook, which I use to stay in touch with the younger generation in the family, so I will miss the updates. Good Luck anyway.

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    1. Sorry, no, the saved stitch is simply to start the next square. Don’t worry about the social media, I’ll post it in Sunday Sevens too and blog when it’s finished. And it’s not huge, so won’t be too long.

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  4. I’m fairly new to your blog and I am enjoying your messages. However, I would love to have the instructions for mitred squares. Thank you.
    Edythe Kerness

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      1. You’re welcome! Remembered after I posted there’s a book by Vivian Hoxbro called domino knitting that explains it all very well, but that will cost you a tenner, so I’d look on the internet. Have fun – they’re so enjoyable and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of them 🙂


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