Sunday Sevens – Mr Hicks’ Holiday

Like many other bloggers, I don’t like to ‘advertise’ that I’m going away. So I confess that when I pleaded busyness as my reason for putting my next vlog episode on hold, it was because we were going to be busy holidaying this last week.

With Mr Hicks increasing age and wobbliness of legs, we decided it best not to go too far and booked a dog friendly cottage in Cornwall…


Mr Hicks now refuses to lie down in the boot of my car, however long the journey. We knew we’d be on the road an hour and a half (two with the dreaded Bodmin roadworks) and, despite his legs being full of painful arthritis, Hicks would spend the whole of that time sitting up. So Lovely Husband made a special ramp attachment that allowed us to put the ramp up onto the back seat…

It worked a treat, with Mr Hicks laying down and sleeping all the way….


Holidays in the UK are always a bit hit and miss weather-wise, but fortunately there was only one day when it rained.


Most of the time it was perfect weather for old dogs, warm but cloudy, with lots of meandering on the beach and in the countryside…

Porthkidney Beach
Penberth Cove
Cottage near Penberth Cove
Old Engine House near Nancledra
Trencrom Hill

Mawgan Porth – not near where we stayed, but we dropped in for Fish and Chips on the beach on our way home.
We did have one rather hot day, when we visited St Michael’s Mount…


… but of course you’re never short of some water to cool you down on the beach…


As for us humans, we tagged along and did pretty much the same, apart from scoffing a few holiday treats…



31 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Mr Hicks’ Holiday

  1. Oh looks wonderful and Hicks is still getting out and about and discovering new places. Beautiful photos of him and the lovely scenery. The ramp was a great idea. Very clever! Glad you all had a good time.Xx

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  2. Ooh, looks like you found some great places to eat and drink – is that a cocktail? Dogs can be funny in cars but the thought of Hicks standing all the way at his age with his problems must have been a worry. Good solution – he looks very happy. I’ve been to St Michael’s Mount and Mont St Michel – both over twenty years ago, admittedly, but I remember loving them equally. Lovely that you could walk out.

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  3. I think this was a simply wonderful thing to do with Mr Hicks, you will treasure memories of this week forever. Bit disappointing not to see Mr Hicks’ lovely dinners! You made an old dog very happy, bless you both.

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  4. Snap – we were on holiday too but, for the first time since the girls were born, we went on our own. My eldest came with her boyfriend to house and dog sit for us so we didn’t have to pay almost as much for kennels as we usually do for our own holiday. We went to Northern Spain and there were dogs in restaurants/ shops/everywhere you looked so we could have taken them but I must confess it’s nice to have a break from the usual routine every now and again. My old boy – Taz – is having a lot of problems with arthritis at the moment and a vet visit is on the cards this afternoon to see if she can do anything for him šŸ˜¦

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    1. Hello! I twigged you away from your silence. Well done to your eldest and boyfriend for giving you a break. Sorry to hear Taz is struggling. How did it go with the vet this afternoon?


      1. Aw bless him. Don’t think I can bring myself to ‘like’ that. We’ve just started swimming – expensive though. Do you have that option? or wouldn’t it help anyway? I know you’ve got plenty of land though and he has the other dogs for company, so hopefully ‘no walkies’ isn’t as bad as it sounds?


      2. I could throw him in the swimming pool I suppose but he would probably block up the filter with his constantly moulting hair. We do have quite a bit of land and we have installed gates here and there to keep dogs in and wild boar out so I can set off with the other two and close the gate but I don’t like seeing his little face peering through the bars wondering why he can’t come too. We had to do the same thing with our German Shepherd for the last year of her life and she took it quite badly – she sulked for England (and France).

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