Sunday Sevens – 23rd July

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of my week beyond the blog.

I started this week with a migraine, which pretty much put me out of action until Wednesday, by which time Lovely Eldest had arrived for a visit. Although the weather wasn’t great, we went for a trip to Sandy Mouth bay on Thursday…



I was never much one for cartoons as a child, but I did love Top Cat, so this sticker in a VW camper in the beach car park raised a smile…


However I certainly didn’t smile when I got my knitting out on the trip and found I had snapped one of my new Knitpro needles…


Otherwise we just travelled locally, which included several pub visits…


While we were at the Peter Tavy Inn, I spotted my fourth Moor Otter


I also had this marvellous dessert there; Butterscotch with fruit and nut slice…


Unfortunately I couldn’t spend the whole time with Lovely Eldest since I was booked to have a stall at Cowslip Summer fair – which is always a lovely event…



And finally a quick update on my Mystery Mitred Squares progress. I’ve only knitted 7 in 10 days, but as I said at the start, I was out of action for a good few days this week.


Hope you’ve had a good one!

22 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 23rd July

  1. It’s always lovely when the kids come home isn’t it – but eeeww to the migraine showing up uninvited! That otter is a particularly dashing one in its green floral frock, I love it! Your stall looks beautifully set up, I hope you had lots of admiring visitors. And your mystery is getting ever more mysterious 🙂 I hope you have a good week Bekki, minus any more migraines but with another pretty otter or two and of course any kind of puddle for dear old Mr Hicks!

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    1. Hello. Yes, always lovely to have the kids here and always sad to see them go again. It’s very rare I get a migraine these days, so at least that’s a blessing. Glad you liked the stall – much better day today than yesterday and of course it’s not woolly time of year, so happy with how I did. It was also a lovely experience and I met lots of wonderful people.

      I can’t believe that’s only my 4th otter – must find some more before it finished. Hope you’ve had a great week. Mr Hicks send snuggles.

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      1. We had a very wet week but survived the floods and other related disasters associated with two months worth of rain falling (onto already sodden ground) in 36 hours and yesterday was a brief sunny reprieve before the next lot hits, due tomorrow I believe. Thinking of buying a boat …….. 😀

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  2. Good job you made the most of the weather you did have as I see the latest news is that the U.K. is in for the ‘worst week of weather’ this summer.
    How did you do at the Cowslip Summer Fair? It looks like just the sort of thing I like to mooch around.
    I loved TC too and the Flinstones.

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    1. Been too busy to see the weather forecasts this weekend, but they always make more fuss when it’s going to hit London and the South East, so hopefully it’s just the bias of the weather forecasters and it’ll be beautiful down here.
      The fair went well. It’s a really lovely fair. You would love it. Oh yes, Flintstones were brill and Scooby Doo too.

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  3. Sorry about the migraine. 😦 I used to get them…then suddenly they stopped.Touchwood! A friend of mine gets them ( or did) she has had a certain point in her ear pierced which can stop migraines altogether….and so far it has worked. Love the Topcat sticker. How many more otters do you need to spot? X

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    1. thanks. I actually thought I’d stopped having them too – will have to see how it goes. I need to spot 20 otter (16 more) to get badge, but there are 100 in all. I’m just not trying basically, although there’s one in our local waitrose and I can’t for the life of me see it! 😦


  4. I get the odd migraine, and I know, it is not easy. Glad its over and you got to enjoy your trip, which looks awesome. Mr Hicks seems to be having a blast.
    Pity about the needle, I always fear that when packing my knitting. Glad you spotted the next otter, and the dessert looks yummy!!
    I love the squares, they are going to be super pretty.
    Have a great week!!

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      1. They dont give up easily do they. Miekie also has her days, and then hobble on 3 legs, only to walk on 4 again the next day. But she loves her walks just as much and still goes down the stairs, although when going up I need to carry her now. 🙂

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      1. Good luck. They’re usually quite easy – I’ve just not looked much! Mind I haven’t yet spotted the one in Waitrose Okehampton, and food shopping isn’t that interesting, so that must be reasonably well hidden. Have a lovely holiday.


  5. 100 otters? Wow, that’ll take some commitment to finding that many. Lovely though, aren’t they? Sorry to hear you had the dreaded migraine and what a shame it coincided with your daughter’s visit. Hope you managed to make up for the time lost – family time is so looked forward to when they leave home. Your stall looks better every time you do it!

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    1. Yes, and they’re scattered all around the moor! Thankfully I was mostly better by the time she got here, but that meant I had things to do that I would have done before she arrived. Thanks for the comment on the stall. Guess it’s a constant work in progress 🙂

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