Sunday Sevens – July 29th

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of my week beyond the blog.

Last week started with a second day at the Cowslip Summer Fair. While I chatted to visitors to the fair I knitted a Country Cottage/Devon Longhouse for Donna to display in the Woolly Beader.  Here it is blocking…


And here it is finished…

Knit your own country cottage

When I delivered it, Donna gave me a pair of the new Prym Ergonomic knitting needles to test run.


Afterwards I nipped into Waitrose where I spotted my 5th Moor Otter – can’t believe I’ve been so engrossed in my shopping I haven’t spotted it before.


The weather has been all over the place this week. On Tuesday I got a fleece dried in a day…

Amazing how much more quickly a black fleece dries than a white one does.

…but on Friday and Saturday, it was so cold and damp I lit the log burner…


Mr Hick’s walks don’t seem to have included many puddles lately, not that we haven’t had the rain. He did however have a marvellous time walking and playing with a lady black Labrador we met in the park yesterday – amazing how much more energy he can find to when he meets one, they’re definitely his favourite. Of course after all that exertion, he spend the afternoon asleep on his settee.


And finally, on Saturday I also saw this chap. Can never resist taking a pic of a dog driving a van 🙂


Hope you’ve had a great week.


20 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – July 29th

  1. I’m a little unsure if it’s that she’s a lady or her being a black lab or the combination of both that energises your dashing Mr Hicks …… If it’s the former he’s a bit of a lad isn’t he, the old charmer!! 🙂 And you can’t ignore a dog driving a van. There was an ad here a while back that went globally viral I’m told of a dog really driving a car. I think you can still see it on You Tube…… My favourite otter remains the gorgeous gal in the green dress 🙂 Have a good week Bekki, I’m off to bed now!

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    1. Guess I should start by saying, Good Morning, since you went off to bed half an hour ago.
      It’s the combination that so energises him. The lady black lab thing started after a very long time on the lead when he was 7 and had snapped his cruciate ligament and took ages longer than he should have to recover. When he was finally allowed off he went mad for lady black labs. He however always loved the ladies and shows off to the boys – he still thinks he’s a regular Jack the Lad! 🙂
      I seem to have a hazy memory of the ad you mention and the your favourite otter is my favourite too. Wishing you a fab week too xx


    1. Absolutely! At age 7 we stopped him climbing on it when he snapped his cruciate – once he was over the operation he never got on it. A year after we moved, I put it in the kitchen-diner and made the quilt for it. A few days after I put the quilt on it (now aged 10) he started getting back on!


  2. Good to read that there is life in the old dog yet, even if he needs a lie down afterwards. I noticed the cushions too, so gald others have the homely touch about the soft furnishings! the otters are incredible, such fun, and there under your nose the whole time. Enjoy the new needles.

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    1. It makes me so happy that he’s doing so well after having such a difficult time with his health throughout his life. The cushions were from the left over fabric of the quilt – which you could see better if a certain dog hadn’t knocked it off the back of the settee and wasn’t laying on it! 🙂


  3. Love that Hicks has his own patchwork bed linen – ours have their own crocheted version, too! How we love to indulge our pets. Looking at the fleece drying reminds me how very different the finished yarn is to the raw product. Must be so satisfying to see the transformation and is a process I’d love to experience myself, from fleece to skein.

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    1. He might have his own patchwork quilt, but only because he hoodwinked me into thinking he didn’t sleep on there anymore. I get ridiculously excited by just washing and cleaning the fleece. You’re right the transformation is amazing. This one I intend to card and felt, but getting seriously tempted to learn to spin.

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      1. You’d be very welcome to stay here. Will talk to my friend – the lady I’m thinking of taught her to weave and I did a dyeing course with her ages ago. Assuming my friend’s going, she’ll see her at the weavers guild meeting on Saturday. If the lady I’m thinking of doesn’t do it, I’m sure she’d know who to recommend.

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  4. Those needles look amazing. Cannot wait to hear / read your comments after you have given them a try.
    Yay, for another otter. This one looks specially cute in his stars.
    Typical weather, and I am happy to see you got the fleece dried so quickly. The log burner looks just as cozy though.
    Hugs to Mr. H. xxx

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    1. I’m passing the needles to my friend before I write a review, so hopefully a couple of opinions when I do blog about them. Cosy, but I’m sick of the damp. Getting the washing dry without the aga on is a nightmare when it’s like this. Mr hicks says thanks for the hugs and sends snuggles back. Hugs to Miekie from both of us xxx

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