Saved by the Singer

Eighteen moths ago Pippa, who blogs at Beads and Barnacles, send me three small zipped purses as part of my secret Santa present. Three purses, because I have two daughters and Pippa thought they might like one as well as me. They did, and I ended up with this one…


In it I put a tape measure, two stitch markers and a stitch holder…

knitters purse 1

I dropped it in with a knitting project I was taking out, so I had those things to hand when needed.

The first three items were soon joined by more and IΒ began to move the purse between projects. It was so easy to drop it in with a knitting project as I left the house on long or short trips. It saved me having to think what I needed to take each time, or to have to track down the bits and bobs. Even in the house I use it, because I knew where to find what I needed.


When I tipped it out today I found all this was now living in it…

knitters gifts 1

It’s only small, but there’s still bags of room left…


I can even still fit my phone in with everything.

I love this purse so much, I think every knitter would love one. So when I was having ideas about new things to add to my stall/website, it didn’t surprise me when I thought about making some small knitting kit purses.

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by Lynn, who blogs at Tialys,Β blogging about free motion embroidery, I bought some fabric, cut out some purses and sheep shapes and began doing a bit of free motion embroidery.

Sheep Knitting Kit Purse

Very happy with my first attempts I embroidered a small flock of sheep spread over several purses.

But then disaster struck!

The bottom tension dropped off completely on my Bernina. There was nothing I could do to get it tighter. Only the prototype purse was complete and I had a craft fair the next day.

I took a deep breath and unearthed my 30 year old singer. Unveiling it, I found this sticker…


Which presumably means the last time I used it was before than 2004.

I threaded it up, crossed my toes – too dangerous to sew with fingers crossed – and pressed my foot down on the peddle…

Not only did it sew, it sewed perfectly first time. Β (Admittedly subsequent thread changes did require adjustment of the tension discs.) I also loved the solid feel of the way it sewed compared to the Benina!

Well behind, after messing with the Bernina for so long, and having my eldest daughter here – so determined to spend time with her – I didn’t get as many purses finished as I’d hoped. The bright blue purses definitely dominated on my stall, but at least I had more than one.


I’ve now completed the whole batch using my trusty Singer, out of choice, and I’ve popped them in the shop.

Small Knitting kit purse Group shot

Hope you like them!



21 thoughts on “Saved by the Singer

  1. Like them? I love them! πŸ˜‰

    Mr. T. uses an old (probably more than 100 years old) Pfaff treadle machine to sew some of his leather bags etc. when the industrial machine won’t cut it. I only bought it for it’s looks – I did try to sew on it but I can’t seem to get my coordination right on the treadle whereas he flies along on it. I’m not sure he’ll be doing any freemotion or freehand stuff on it though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think not. I definitely need an really old machine just for its looks – but I can’t see LH ever using it if i do. Finally got hold of Bernina doc today. he thinks may be from the ‘glue’ on the seam-a-seam. Will be very unimpressed it it is.


  2. They’re fantastic.
    I’ve dug out my really old singer to try for some bag making but haven’t got around to actually plugging in yet as I need to find a table strong enough to hold the weight of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww thank you, I had an odd deja vu moment when that image appeared on my reader before I had quite paid attention to the context.You have managed to stash quite a lot of things into that little bag πŸ™‚

    Your sheep versions are wonderful. Every knitter (or non knitter) needs a little zip top bag to hold all those odd things in.

    Liked by 1 person

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