Sunday Sevens – Call this summer?

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last week started with a very very wet Sunday.  Okehampton had 85mm of rain in one day  – so I guess we had the same-ish. To put that in context, okehampton had 41mm of rain in the whole of July last year!


With so much rain there were rivers bursting their banks and flooding. We are lucky to be in a pretty much flood proof position, but the impact of so much rain in such a short time was brought home to us when we walked at Meldon yesterday and found piles of stones where previously there was only grass…


…and flattened vegetation…


Apparently the river had burst it’s banks and completely rerouted itself for a while.

When I got home I compared a photo I’d just taken of the bank by one of the streams with one I’d taken about a month ago. Although it’s a slightly different angle, you can see there was grass all the way to the edge of the water…

4th July 2017

…but now it’s covered in stones…

5th August 2017

While all the rain was coming down last Sunday, there was nothing to do but stay indoors and tidy my office…


Mr Hicks was so impressed – or maybe he had been so unimpressed with the mess before – that he returned to his bed in the office, which he hasn’t slept on in weeks…


All the rain, of course, made lots of puddles…


…but still Mr Hicks couldn’t resist jumping in the pond in the park…


In non-rain related events…


The Bernina Doctor took my machine in for repair as an Emergency…


I got very excited when my personalised pop socket arrived…


And as if that wasn’t enough showing off on Sheep’s part, on Thursday he donned  a rather colourful witch’s hat…


…and flaunted it around social media to celebrate my friend Em Lynas publishing her first Children’s book, You Can’t make me go to Witch School!


In more adult reading, we discusses the Storyteller by Jodi Picoult at book group


Most of us – including me – didn’t like the style of her writing and felt reading it was rather like trying to swim through treacle. One of the major rules of writing is ‘show not tell’. Unfortunately Picoult tells not shows most of time.  We also didn’t ‘buy’ several of the story-lines and at times felt as if we were being treated like idiots. However, we did appreciate she has a lot of fans, so thought it good that the important subject matter covered was taken to a wide audience. Although there was also a lot of ‘fluff ‘ around the modern day story-line.

So that was my week. Hope you’ve had a good one.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Call this summer?

  1. Rain! There seems to be quite a lot of it all over the globe. Glad you weren’t affected and made good use of your enforced inside time. We have definitely warmed up in the last week and the ground is drying out a bit which is a great relief. I hope you will get a bit more summer weather soon.

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    1. I did think of you and your recent colossal amount of rain when we were getting ours. I don’t want to tempt fate by saying ‘never’ but we are in a pretty much flood proof position. The rain of course also started as our schools broke up for summer vacation! Good to here you’re drying out. We’re set on granite so the rain runs off rather than making the ground soggy 🙂 Fingers crossed for a bit more dry weather for us both.

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  2. Yes, it’s ‘scorchio’ here. We had a spectacular storm the other night which freshened it up a bit but hasn’t made a bit of difference to the garden where we have crispy brown stuff instead of grass.
    I’m with you on Jodi Picoult – loads of people seem to like her but I’m not keen. What do I know? I’m the only one in the World – bar one -who didn’t like ‘The DaVinci Code’ (Mr. Tialys is the other one). 😉

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    1. I did worry about you when I saw the fires in France, but I’m sure you’d have mentioned it by now if you were near?
      You’re not the only two, DaVinci Code is very poorly written IMO. I guess we’re all different, but I’m staggered Picoult is so popular on this showing.

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  3. That’s how it is, if the EU wants water we can sell them some of ours, in return for a trade deal! We haven’t had so much rain up here as you have Bekki, that looks like some big river burst. The expression on Hicks’ face seems to say, oh well no puddles today I will just have to sit here and sulk.

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    1. Don’t believe him – it didn’t start raining until lunchtime – so he’d been out and paddled in the river that day!
      Great plan about the water. Off to check if I’ve got a hoes pipe long enough to cash in on sending some over 😉

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  4. Wow, that is a lot of rain, and flooding. Looks pretty serious, and I am glad you are safely out of the way. Mr. H looks super cute. 🙂 If I had your office space, I don’t think I would ever leave, it is so nice, and such a view. Enjoy.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for the Bernina Doctor, I am sure it is all worth it. 🙂
    Take care.

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