Sunday Sevens – 20th August

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

This week started with very sad Mr Hicks. Two large ‘hot spots’ blew up on his muzzel on Sunday night. Hot spots are very sore, septic patches that erupt from nowhere. They’re part of his allergy condition and even though his medication has cut their frequency, they still appear.


Although he’s in his comfy buster here, to stop him scratching the hot spots with his foot, he quickly quickly managed to reach around it and ended up in the cone of shame most of the week, and is still wearing it when we’re not able to watch him.

The hot spots also make him feel very unwell. He didn’t want to go for even a short walk most of the week, but finally made it out for a paddle on Saturday.


In happier news, I had a stall at Chagford show on Thursday…


And it was knit and sip group on Thursday evening…


Of course all that wine had no influence on one of our members deciding to unwind a skein of  wool without assistance…


On Friday Lovely Littlest and  and her boyfriend arrived for the weekend to celebrate my birthday.

We went for breakfast at Okehampton Station on Saturday morning…


… and afternoon tea at Lydford House Hotel on Saturday afternoon…


I know, but it was for my Birthday.

Hope you’ve had a great week!

32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 20th August

  1. Aw, poor Hicks – it’s lovely to see him still able to enjoy a paddle when he can though! Fifi is now wrapped in a piece of fabric from the neck down in an effort to avoid the Cone Of Shame. We take it off when she needs a wee and put her straight back in it afterwards. Not at all funny, lol! We’ve literally just walked in the door after an afternoon tea for a first birthday. Our friend hired generic white china for everyone, but brought a special teacup and saucer from home especially for me as she knows I like to drink tea ‘properly’. Guess what? It was the exact same ones as in your photo!

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    1. Really, no, it wasn’t me. Thank you for the birthday wishes and Hicks hugs. You’re right, he has no idea of all the blog love. Not even sure he appreciates how much I love him!


    1. Thank you. I do love an afternoon tea and the hotel is only a short walk from our house. Unfortunately Hicks was struggling with the infection, so rang out of hours vet yesterday and upped the dose of antibiotics. Off to our own vet in a bit for her give him a check. Sunny tomorrow apparently! Hope you’re having a good one xx

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      1. Good to hear from you, and I am sending hugs to Mr. H. Hope he feels better soon. It is never pleasant when they are not themselves. Keeping my fingers crosses the sunny weather will also help in cheering him up.
        Sunny bit chilly here. Can actually feel the winter for a bit, although I have noticed the tiniest bits of green buds on the tree outside the living room area. 🙂
        Take care. xx

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      2. Thank you. Sounds as if they’re not really letting you have a winter. But green buds of spring are great. We were promised a hot sunny day today, but it’s already rained twice!. You take good care too xx

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  2. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a lovely day with no cooking! 🙂 Mr. Hicks looks so forlorn, but still cuddly and cute. I hope his skin clears up soon, the cone of shame is no fun for anyone.

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      1. lol now that is a site to imagine!

        Yes, he clearlyt is old and slowing down, but that picture of him lying down, and cute and fluffy, I could see exactly what he looked like as a puppy. So adorable! You stick close to him and save him from the cone of shame!

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      2. Maybe diving is making it sound better than it is, probably ‘flapping and shouting’ would be a better description 🙂
        Great to hear you can still see the puppy Mr Hicks. Sadly yes, he’s still young at heart, and his mind is far younger than his body 😦

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  3. I had a posh afternoon tea like that last Friday when I treated my Mum to one. We couldn’t eat all the cakes and they gave us a box to take home what was left. Perhaps we shouldn’t have eaten the sandwiches with the crusts cut off first. It was hideously expensive but it’s not like we have one on a regular basis.
    Sending love and hugs to Mr. Hicks and Taz wants to send over some plums – he’s sure Hicks will like them 😉

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    1. Expensive but worth it. We had three afternoon teas between 4 of us, since we knew we wouldn’t eat it all. I’d have gone for 2 between 4 but there were men involved 🙂
      Thanks for Hicks’ hugs. Don’t tell Taz but I’m not so impressed with the gift of plums for Mr Hicks 🙂

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