Photographing Projects

I’ve been waiting ages to photograph the remaining project bags that I didn’t sell at Chagford Show two weeks ago. I like to take project photographs outside to get the better light and I find the plants give a better backdrop. However every time I’ve had a moment to photograph the project bags, it’s either been brilliant sunshine or rain. Being Dartmoor, of course it’s been mostly rain.


Yesterday afternoon the weather was finally better – not great, but okay, so I decided to take the photos. I began with my grab bags, but the metal handles just wouldn’t sit well and I didn’t have much time. They look great in real life, but just didn’t want to behave for the photos. In the desperation I hung them from a door. I’ve put them in the shop, but I’m far from happy with them, so will have to do them again.

I moved onto the zipped project bags. These behaved better, but just as I was about photograph them, the sun came out from behind a cloud and started casting shadows. I didn’t have time to wait for it to get lower, so moved around to find an angel where I didn’t cast a shadow on what I was photographing. The result…?

… The skein of yarn, that was supposed to enhance the photo and give a visual idea of the size of the bag, Β is distorted by the angle into making it look much bigger that it is! These aren’t even going near the shop.

On a positive note, I was happy with the picture of my one remaining black Labrador purse.

But as Meatloaf says, one out of eight is pants!

Of course it’s raining again this morning. So while I wait again for better weather, have you guys got any top tips about taking wonderful project pictures?


17 thoughts on “Photographing Projects

  1. I actually like your grab bag photos. I like a plain background – the lighter the colour the better. As somebody has already said a daylight lamp is invaluable on grey days and I also have a mini ‘studio’ where you put your (small) items in a sort of collapsible fabric box and then illuminate it with the lights that come with it although, I confess, I can seldom be bothered to get it out. I rarely take photographs outside because the light is too unpredictable and there are too many distractions in the background – dogs usually! – but I can see that you would want to for some of your items due to the wool coming from Dartmoor and wanting to emphasise that fact. Don’t hate me, because you say you are happy with it, but I find the Labrador purse photo doesn’t do the item justice. It blends too much into the background and looks slightly murky. Obviously, that’s just my opinion but you did ask.
    Love those grab bags anyway – they are perfect for little projects. x

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    1. I’m glad you like the grab bag photos, since right now I need very little encouragement to leave them as they are. I’m also glad you like the grab bags. Thank you.

      I’d really like to take everything up on the moor and photograph it, but it’s so full of tourists an odd dog in the way would be nothing 😦
      I don’t hate you at all about the Labrador. Thank you for your honesty. I wasn’t 100% myself, just running out of energy to rephotograph everything.

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  2. Being an ex-photographer, I used a light box to photograph small items. Otherwise, natural light is best – a grey day is perfect. Minus the rain, of course. Therein lies the challenge…..
    Great bags though!

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  3. I love the bags, they are absolutely stunning.
    I am not good at taking proper photographs, and I think you did a wonderful job, given when and how you had to go about it.
    All the best, I will keep checking what you get up to in the future wrt taking your photos. πŸ™‚
    Have a fun day.

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  4. I have found it hard to photograph stock inside or outside sometimes. You spend what seems like hours trying to get just one photograph ! I now use our little summer house to photograph most of my aprons as it has white walls and is nice and bright but its a bit of a pain in the Winter. Love all the project bags though. πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh I’m useless at actually taking photos of things I’ve made. Mostly because they require enough clean space for me to stand.
    But I think the bags look good in their current photos. A plain background helps them stand out, but maybe if you did manage to take some outdoor photos add them as well but not instead of the current photos.
    I do find my conservatory is good for taking photos as it let’s more light in but is still an inside location,so I have more control over it.
    Good luck with future photos

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    1. Thanks for another vote of confidence on the bag photos. A conservatory sounds a great idea on a damp day. I don’t have one, but I do have a glass covered veranda. Maybe I should investigate using that ?


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