Progress on this year’s goals

Since it’s the end of August, I thought I’d better do my bimonthly check up on this year’s creative goals. Here’s how I’m doing…

Attend at least two workshops – Having expressed my concerns in my last review that I wouldn’t be able to find a second workshop to do this year, I’m pleased to tell you I signed up for a spinning course  that starts this morning.

Knit Lovely Husband a Christmas Sweater – Back and one sleeve complete and the second sleeve almost complete. Fingers crossed it may be finished for this Christmas.


Learn something knitting related each month – In my last review I counted at least  eight learnings this year, which is just as well, since I’ve barely done any knitting lately and can’t for the life of me think if I’ve learned anything.

Knit something that isn’t a project for the Dartmoor Yarn Company at least three times a week – as I said above, I’ve hardly done any knitting lately, but I think the point of this goal was not to get overwhelmed by DYC projects. So although I might or might not have fulfilled it, I’ve fulfilled the spirit of this goal.

Make a knitted bag – not yet

Make gift a least once a month After a good start to the year, with a hat for a friend and a bowl of cacti for lovely littlest, I ground to a halt. I am working on LH’s Christmas sweater and I’ve knitted half gift sock since I checked goals last, but that’s really not enough.


Become and remain UFO free all year – there’s a few projects teetering on becoming UFOs, so still – just- achieving this goal.

Write up non-DYC kit patterns within a month of completing an object/garment – Eek! Still not written up the Heartfelt cardigan pattern I finished months ago.


Work on my patchwork quilt for and average of an hour each day – opps! Haven’t touched this for ages. But the nights are drawing in, so I need to pick it back up very soon, so it’s ready when we need it.

Indulge in creative play one afternoon a week – I’ve not been strictly sticking to this but since I last reviewed, I’ve done some embroidery on felt. I’ve also a big messy pile of felt that ‘went wrong’ when I was trying to make a very thick sheet of felt. So I have done at least some, and now autumn is here and the busyness of the summer is fading, I’ll find it easier to schedule this in more regularly.

Embroidered Daisies on felt

Considering I’d completely taken my eye off my goals since I checked them last time, I don’t think I’m doing too bad.  If I refocus, I think I can pretty much fulfil them all this year.

28 thoughts on “Progress on this year’s goals

    1. I know and I did think of you when I wrote that bit. I thought about why I’m avoiding it and it’s all to do with getting it set up to sell, rather than writing the pattern itself. And it is written up half notes half typed, so I will make some time for it and it’ll be ready before you can blink 🙂

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  1. Goal posts are movable objects in my world. It’s good to have a destination in mind, but enjoying the journey is also important. I think that’s what you have been up to lately. I do like those little embroidered daisies on your felt – so pretty!

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    1. I agree. They’re movable and to be learned from and who wants to spend their life running down the motorway when the side roads are so much more interesting? So glad you like the daises. Onward and upward! 🙂
      I was going to say have a great day, but you’re probably on your way to bed, so wishing you a fab day tomorrow xx

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  2. Well done! I love the idea of ‘creative play’. I think your plans to balance life and business are great and very inspiring since I have just started a tiny business and am realising I need to balance business craft and ‘my’ craft. I agree too that summer doesn’t always lend itself to crafting but the darker evenings do. 😊

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    1. Thank you. It’s great to earn at least a bit of your living out of what you love, but that can make it easy to get the lines blurred and end up not enjoying what you love. Good luck with your business and here’s to us both getting the right balance 🙂


      1. It’s a great to hear that. A lot of people don’t really get what goal setting is about and that it can be really helpful in lots of different ways. Will follow your freewheeling with interest. Exciting! 🙂


  3. Spinning class? Exciting! I can’t wait to hear how you do and what you think of it. 🙂 And the red sweater is MORE THAN HALFWAY done! That is worth all the rest combined. You will feel great when you get that off your needles and onto your husband. 🙂

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    1. ‘Get it onto my husband’ – let’s hope I don’t finish in Jan or I might make him wear it then 🙂
      Not long back from spinning. Really enjoyed it. Will write a post about it next week. Have a fab weekend!

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  4. Not doing too badly on your goals. Your doing much better than me, I had done almost zero crafting this summer, but have now finished up two of my long term knitting projects.
    I just need to get back to sewing again soon.
    Good luck with writing up that knitting pattern, the cardigan looks lovely.

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  5. Well, goals or no goals, you’re still being productive and, presumably, enjoying the bits you’re working on at the time. Love the Christmas red jumper – can’t wait to see Mr DYC wearing it! I’m on gift sock number six and am stalling, working on other things in between to keep the motivation going. Keep going my friend!


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