Sunday Sevens – 24th September

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Unsurprisingly this week has been a very sad week, but when we drove up to Barnstaple last weekend, we couldn’t help smiling at these bales of hay…


Friends and family have been very supportive, sending cards and flowers, checking on me and keeping me busy. We even received flowers from the vet, because they knew Hicks so well…


On Wednesday I went into the vets to drop off our thank yous and to collect Hick’s blanket that had stayed with him. As I came out I saw this beautiful double rainbow…

Double Rainbow

On Thursday at spinning class and I learnt to ply yarn…


Thursday was also Knit and Sip evening. One of our members has started knitting the Twelve Days of Christmas…

20170921_203540 This month one of the hotel guests wanted to join us; Gonzo is a bull mastiff cross, who at just 16 months old is already as big as a Great Dane. He was very keen to check out our knitting bags.


On Friday I went to the Knitting, stitching and hobby craft show in Exeter. I’ll write a full post about that in the week.


On Saturday LH and I went for a walk on the moor. The weather was perfect; warm, clear and just a slight breeze.


Then off to Robertsons in Tavistock for organic pizza and meatballs for lunch…


Hope you’ve had a great week!



34 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 24th September

  1. I remember seeing those piles of yarn packages on the floor at knitting shows – although they are usually covered in flailing women.
    How lovely for you to see for yourself the double rainbow bridge that the amazing Mr. Hicks has crossed over. I’ve been thinking of you a lot this past week ((((((Bekki))))))

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    1. Ha ha! I almost said I was posting that photo for you as I remembered you asking after that pile of wool in the past. You’re right, there was a distinct absence of flailing women. Don’t know where they were – although I didn’t feel it’s contents were as attractive as usual, so maybe that’s why.
      Thank you for thinking about me xx


  2. So sad for you. It’s times like these when you see who your true friends are & what a lovely thought from the vets. I had a card from the kennels Signed by all the girls working there when we lost Homer last year. It was so lovely to see that others though as much of him as we did.
    Your spinning looks great but cant believe you can knit on a bike😂

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I was a very proud mum when I received flowers and a card signed individually by everyone at the vets – I know that’s not normal. Guess I was proud that he was such a lovely boy and won over their hearts.

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    1. Thank you. I hope they are. He also sent me a heron – I think – although that’s a whole other story and probably sounds a bit mad 🙂 xx
      I loved the 12 days of Christmas birds too, but I think I’d crack way before 12 drummer drumming.


  3. I am of the same mind as many of your previous commenters Bekki. Smiling hay bales, double rainbows, mysterious herons and probably many other things that may have slipped by without comment are all little messages to you that Mr Hicks lives on in your heart and your mind and now is pain free and happy again ……. So much is given to us at times of grief, if we only have the eyes to see. As the late great Leonard Cohen says in Alexandra Leaving ‘Do not say the moment was imagined; Do not stoop to strategies like this’ Dear Mr Hicks!! I imagine walking on the moor without him would have been a bitter sweet experience. I read ‘organza’ in front of your pizza – it is only 7am and I am only half way through first coffee – and momentarily found myself wondering what an organza pizza tasted like 😀

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    1. Ha Ha! Organza pizza. Don’t think I’d fancy that 🙂
      You’re right, there probably has been more I’ve missed – must write that email to you about other interesting things that have gone on. Sorry, not been sleeping to well, so have been very short on energy and concentration.
      Yep, there’s been a few bittersweet moments this week – lots of firsts without him, although a fair few to come too. Hopefully you’re on your second coffee by now. xx

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    1. Thank you, I’m lucky to be a basically positive person, so I naturally do look for the good. Even if I didn’t, Mr Hicks was such a shining example of how to keep smiling no matter what life throws at you, I’d have been an idiot not to learn from him 🙂 xx


  4. How lovely that you are getting so many cards and flowers. Mr. Hicks was well loved!

    I am so glad he sent that rainbow to cheer you up!

    And of course the spinning looks wonderful! Amazing first skeins!

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    1. Thank you. He really was well loved and I guess I knew that on one level, but it’s still very moving to be reminded how much other people loved him, because I know that however awful our own ‘children’ are, we love them whatever and often don’t realise how much other may not feel the same.
      Any thoughts what I could knit my first skeins into?

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      1. He made friends everywhere, even online!

        As for the yarn, what kind of yardage did you get? I recently made a hat with my first skeins. I have some left and might make a cowl. I would say something with not too much pattern detail, because it is going to be a bit uneven, I would guess. But beautiful!!!

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  5. The first walks dogless are so hard, well done on getting out and about, and very sensible to go nowhere near a muddy puddle. You know how I felt about your woofer.xx
    Meantime I think you should knit a sheep with your skeins. Seems very fitting to me.
    Looking forward to the knitting show post, the problem in the end is we all have so much stash we have to start avoiding bargains that aren’t bargains unless you already knew what to with them. I should know what I am talking about having got a stash of so many crafts….
    Take care.. xx

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    1. Thank you. Not easy, but also I think if his spirit is with us he can enjoy his old walks properly and go where he had become unable to go again.
      A sheep had been suggested by others, I’m just concerned it will be bottom heavy as the yarn gets thinner as I improved! 🙂
      I was pretty good about not buying stuff.

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  6. I’m just getting caught up and didn’t realize that Mr. Hicks had passed on. I was looking through the pictures before reading and was looking for him wading in a puddle and was hoping it wasn’t true when I read the actual words. I’m so very sorry for your loss 😦 I agree with all the others that he has sent you some beautiful signs that he is doing well and waiting for you in Rainbow Bridge. It’s never easy; however it does get easier….one day. Big hugs to you and your hubby and wishing you peace and comfort as you navigate this new path in life.

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    1. Hi Paula, Thank you for such a lovely comment. You’ve sent a few tears down my cheeks. I’ve spent a lot of time hoping things weren’t true in the last few weeks. Trying to learn to live without him now. I miss him so much. Thank you for the hugs too. It all helps to know how much he was loved and that everyone cares enough to be so kind to me 🙂 xx

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  7. A lovely week, and your spinning is looking great.
    What a lovely rainbow, right there to keep you smiling.
    The 12 days of Christmas looks like a very ambitious project, and I am looking forward to seeing the rest, I am sure they will be super cute!!
    Take care, xxx

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      1. I have never tried spinning. I have dyed yarn a bit, and loved it. I need lots of work on the dye yarn front still. I always find yarns done by others so much prettier.
        12 Days of Christmas is very ambitious. But it seems she is going strong, and its still enough time, I think. 🙂 They are just so cute.

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      2. I think we’re always more critical of ourselves. I’m sure your yarns are beautiful. I agree about the 12 days and I would have thought all those people at the end will be much harder than the birds at the start. Certainly not a challenge i would have taken on – even though they are adorable.

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