Knitting, Stitching and Hobbycraft Show Exeter

Last Friday I headed out to the Knitting, Stitching and Hobbycraft Show at Westpoint near Exeter. It was as much a day out with friends as a show visit, since it’s a very mixed bag and there are rarely any stalls that sell the sort of yarn I buy. It is however a very nice show, particularly if you’re interested in a range of crafts. As well as crafty things to buy, there are exhibitions and are various guilds tables, plus the stalls that shouldn’t be there, such as sweets, kitchenware and scarves.

Several of the exhibits caught my eye:

Quilted sweaters…


… a knitted map…


… and best of all, ‘Down on the Beach’ created in aid of the Alzheimers Society. Mostly knitting, but there is a crochet picnic blanket.



Of course I also spent some money. I bought a couple of pieces of fabric for bags…


Some beads to make angels…


A snowman kit…


Some tiny craft bottles…


And finally, something I’ve been trying not to buy for ages…


At the end I was too exhausted to think, but it was a lovely day out with friends, just when I needed one.


32 thoughts on “Knitting, Stitching and Hobbycraft Show Exeter

  1. How gorgeous is that little knitted/crocheted beach scene?
    I love the fabric you bought, especially the multi-coloured one and I’m wondering what that lovely yarn will turn into. A scarf? I might just have to turn it on its side on a shelf and look at it.

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    1. Fabulous isn’t it? The multi-coloured is for a bag for lovely eldest. Not that she knows that. I’ve started to crochet – yes, crochet – a shawl with the yarn, but I may have to buy some more just for a shelf 🙂


      1. My daughter occasionally presses the ‘like’ button but she probably hasn’t actually read the post, just seen it pop up in her email and felt obliged. I do the same to her but that’s because I can’t understand a word of what goes on as it’s all about gaming and I haven’t a clue.

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  2. Love the yarn!! And I also loved that map – I will love it even more if it is of a real place! Aren’t folk clever!! All the work that goes into those items and I can’t even knit a pair of socks!! Your little haul looks most exciting. What are you going to do with the bottles?


  3. That show was just what you needed, a day out with friends. I love the beach scene, the thermos flask and picnic set are amazing and a deck chair. Wouldn’t a child love to play with it.
    And what a great haul of goodies you made. I hope please you will share the angels.

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      1. Yes, we badly need it and hopefully it will grow from strength to strength. I think I’ve got the same pitch as last year, which was in the town hall, just inside the entrance to the show – opposite Rosie’s Moments, who I think asked for the same pitch again too. But I’m sure you’ll find me even if I’m not.


  4. The Whirl are a really fun yarn. I crocheted a shawl with mine, and I loved using it.
    Love all the goodies you got, especially the beads for the angels and the snowman kit. I think he will look to cute.
    Looks like a great show, and I liked the various displays just as much, very interesting.

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      1. I quite enjoyed the swirl. The colours are just so pretty, one can not resist.
        I look forward to seeing your angels and snowmen on your next post. 🙂 Have a great day, and I am keeping my fingers crossed you have nice outside kind of weather still. 🙂

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