New Project – Lost in Time Shawl

I fell in love with Scheepjes Whirls the minute I saw one, but resisted buying because I’ve sworn a) that 90% of my yarn purchases will be British wool and b) only to buy yarn when I know what I’m going to knit with it.


However my sneaky brain didn’t take long to head off and see what I could knit with one. My explorations led me to the Lost in Time Shawl. However this project held two more good reasons not to buy a whirl. 1) I rarely wear shawls and 2) The only crochet I’ve ever done is some amigarumi and a simple shawl when I learned to crochet, two and a half years ago, and nearly two years have elapsed since I’ve done any crochet.

Eva's Shawl

But that still that didn’t stop me hankering after a whirl, and on Friday I succumbed.


Excited by my new purchase I immediately printed out the Lost in Time pattern, figuring that if I couldn’t work out what to do, I could book a crochet lesson with Donna at The Woolly Beader.

ThereΒ  has definitely been some frogging – or whatever the crochet term is for ripping back – but I not only resurrected my rusty understanding of crochet, I’ve also learned – with the help of YouTube – popcorn stitch, front post double crochet and back post double crochet.


Suddenly this feels like perfect timing. Since I lost Mr Hicks, I’ve been struggling to settle at anything, but the small new challenges of getting this far with the shawl have been just right for keeping me hooked πŸ™‚ I also find the action of crocheting far more relaxing than knitting, at a time when I need to go gentle on myself. So all in all my whirl was an excellent purchase and the timing has been perfect.

Bought anything lately that you ‘shouldn’t’ have?

26 thoughts on “New Project – Lost in Time Shawl

  1. Oh Bekki – I didn’t know about Mr Hicks – I am so sorry. Grief can certainly rob us of our creativity , it’s like a double whammy. I’m glad you’ve found something to light the spark x

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    1. Hi Kathy. I’m so glad you know. Thank you. Did you see my little tribute to him? I’d love you to look if you haven’t – it’s just a few posts ago. I do hope dear Diesel is still okay and I haven’t missed anything from you? I’m a bit rubbish at facebook these days and i do miss things xx

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  2. Well done with getting back to the crochet – it’s great that something that’s helping you get through a hard time is also something creative.
    What would us crochet revivalists do without YouTube to guide us through some of those more tricky stitches? I watch them as if my life depended on it – in such a way that my avid expression would scare a real life teacher to death and, anyway, I wouldn’t be able to pause and rewind a real one.
    As for buying something I shouldn’t have – my workroom (and my house come to that) are full of such things. I’m surprised you needed to ask πŸ˜‰

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  3. Ooh what an excellent pattern for a whirl! I love my Lost In Time scarf, it’s such a gorgeous, textured pattern πŸ™‚
    Yes, we call it frogging too! And I had to frog quite a few times when I made mine, so no worries there πŸ™‚

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  4. It’s looking beautiful already Bekki – I made a shawl and then turned it into a kind of shrug so I could wear it more often. I get lots of compliments about it. This pattern looks rather lovely – is it a Ravelry one? It is good to turn our minds to something that requires concentration when we are grieving. It kind of gives the sadness a little reprieve, a space for the quiet to seep into I think. When my sister died (many years ago now) we played scrabble every night until the wee small hours – it may sound odd, but it really helped get me through that time. xoxo

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    1. Thank you. I am rather pleased with it. Yes, it’s on ravelry and it’s free πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear you lost your sister – i didn’t know. I think at these times, as long as you’re not harming yourself or anyone else, it’s whatever gets you through. I am being more constructive this week, but I’m also just going with what feels right. Thanks again. That email is coming xoxox


  5. Nothing like trying something new and occupying the brain. I love popcorn stitch, nothing like a bit of texture to add interest. Look forward to seeing how this comes along, the yarn looks very pretty. I once attempted to knit a shawl for a baby 38years ago. I didn’t finish it. I am now old enough to feel the need for a shawl in the evening! I have to get rid of the image of very old people and rocking chairs first! A very dated and rather ageist image, naughty me.

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  6. I’m glad crochet is helping you at such a difficult time. I, too, find it more rhythmic than knitting and, therefore, more calming. I see a yarn I like and then spend ages on Ravelry looking for something suitable to make. I don’t have your will power, I’m afraid! I was just reading your Sevens post and thinking how nice that shawl looked on you:)

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  7. Aww its a shame you don’t like purple as that shawl does look good on you. But soon you will have another one πŸ™‚

    I can’t say that I find either crochet or knitting more rhythmic/relaxing but it might be that you are having to put a little more concentration into crochet than you do your knitting so it is occupying that little bit more of your mind and helping you relax more.

    I can’t wait to see the colours/pattern come out as you get further into your shawl. x

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    1. It’s my own fault about the purple, I bought the yarn! I just couldn’t really find anything I liked, but was desperate to crochet the shawl.
      I agree with you about the concentration, but on top of that I definitely find the movement of the hook more relaxing too.
      It’s always exciting working with yarn that changes colour. I’m currently moving from blue into green πŸ™‚


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