Sunday Sevens – 21st October

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Our week started with Lovely Husband convincing me that we had time to go for a cycle ride to have a naughty breakfast at Okehampton Station before our friends came for Sunday Lunch. It was and eighteen mile round trip and I didn’t go for the full English, so I think all in all calories in balanced calories out…


When our friends came, they brought their beautiful 14 week old puppy with them. She’s such a sweetheart…


As for the working week, it feels as if I’ve spent most of it fighting technology. Mostly in the cause of getting my Santa Sack pattern posted on Ravelry…

27 Knitted Santa Sacks

Mind, if I had to choose a week to spend large amounts of time in front of the laptop, the one just passed would probably be high on the list, with two storms hitting the UK this week. Fortunately we haven’y borne the brunt of it either, but we’ve had plenty of wind and rain…


Away from technology, I went to my final spinning class, where I spun and plied the Hebridean rolags I showed you last week with some of the Wensleydale I’d spun…


On the way home I popped into the supermarket for some shopping and took this pic especially for Cathy who blogs at nanacathydotcom – yes it was Poldark Fudge and look it’s been made since 1978!


This week was Knit and Sip evening at Lydford House Hotel. Knitting was fun, but this was of most interest…


And finally a quick pic of my new pride and joy. When my plastic ball winder gave up the ghost I decided it was time to buy a seriously tough one….


Hope you’ve had a great week!

37 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 21st October

  1. Love the ball winder. I have a vintage one but the clamp was lost so it’s a bit of a struggle to hold it down with one hand and wind with the other – I must go in the husband’s shed and rummage for a clamp. Mine is not quite as sophisticated as your one though and probably winds smaller balls.
    Oh good! I’m due to go to the UK next week and it looks as if the weather will be welcoming :/

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  2. Your post made me giggle 😃😃
    Your first skein looks wonderful!
    I impressed by the yarn winder. I have a plastic one but hardly ever use it as it only creates small yarn cakes. I certainly don’t use it for my handspun yarn as I don’t like breaking off the yarn from a knotlesss hank.
    I’m still hoping to come to the stitch fest. Which venue are you in?

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      1. I’m (we’re) not ready for another dog yet. I always have second hand dogs though so unlikely to be a puppy when we are – although Mr Hicks was 14 weeks old when we rescued him, so you never know.

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      2. I wondered… i know when we lost my old cat, I swore we would wait, but the house felt so empty I didn’t last a week before we went to the shelter and got our two kittens. But you have to be ready or it isn’t fair to get them.

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      3. Before I got Mr Hicks I asked the universe to send me the right dog. He certainly was, but I’d have never have put my hand up for some of the challenges he presented me with if I’s known in advance. But of course that’s the whole point of not knowing isn’t it? I wonder what ‘the right dog’ will be next time around? 🙂

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    1. She is. Our friends lost their previous dog in July completely out of the blue one day after we’d met up with them for a walk, It was such a shock even for us and she was three years younger than Hicks, so I was very happy for them, so I didn’t feel too sad. And Hicks was never a puppy in this garden – so helpfully no reflection there.
      Yum to any fudge 🙂
      Yes, thanks, I did get the pattern sorted in the end.

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  3. Oh that ball winder looks great. I have been contemplating getting one recently but still haven’t gone for it.
    I will have to look at your sacks this year, I normally make little stockings but I might have to branch out into something that holds a little bit more…

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    1. It is great but from the US and very expensive – especially now the pound is so week – wish i had bought it earlier. I justified it since
      I wind a lot of yarn and get through cheaper ones quickly.

      The great thing about the Santa Sacks is you can easily adjust the size to what you want by using thicker/thinner yarn 🙂

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      1. Yeah I haven’t really had to wind that much yarn in the past so haven’t really justified one, but now I am having to wind more. We will see, but if I do get one its likely to be a cheap one.

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  4. Great job on the Santa Sacks. They are super cute.
    It is nice to spend time crafting when it is raining. We had a good downpour on the weekend, and are really grateful for the rain. I took the time to work on cutting bear pieces, and working on a little secret project or two in the meantime.
    What a cute pup, she will have to come visit more often.
    I love the new ball winder, It sure looks sturdy and ready for lots of winding.
    Enjoy the new week. 😉

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    1. Thank you. I agree, rainy days are a great excuse for staying in and crafting 🙂 Good to hear you’ve had some much needed rain. Look forward to seeing more bears and the unveiling of the secret project. Wishing you a lovely week too xx

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  5. Oh my, that is surely the Mother of all wool winders – I want one!! Lovely pup pic; just look at those eyes, all soulful and irresistible. I so wish I could have joined you on the spinning course and am in awe of what you’ve turned out. What are you going to make with it?

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    1. Was so sad to abandon you on the spinning plan, but it has been great. Jane is marvellous – aside her incredible knowledge , she tells some wonderful stories. On top of that she is lovely and it is a lovely calm ‘get together’ and it has been a real oasis of support to me through me coming to terms with the bad news about Hicks, losing him and my early grief. (I was even getting ready for spinning when I found he couldn’t get up the day he passed.) So all in all, it feels very meant to be and I’m sure the universe was doing its thing having her course run over those weeks. Not to mention a certain blogging angel who sent me looking for spinning course back in August. Thank you for prodding me to find it.
      As for what I’ll make of the yarn, I’m going to spin some more and then decide. And I finally had to give the wheel I was borrowing back, so will have to wait for Santa to bring me one to do that.


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