Tuesday Sevens – 13th November

Late again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday was the second day of Stitch Fest


Having spent Monday recovering, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent having a good and proper clean up. We even hired the rug doctor…


On Thursday LH returned to restoring the drive with a delivery of gravel. Unfortunately he underestimated how much he needed and we still need more…


While LH worked outside, I began making more stitch markers – having totally sold out at the weekend…


…I also finally photographed what remained of the knitting needle and crochet hook bags to put them on the website


I also began making more kits…


On Saturday we headed up country and met my brother and his partner for Lunch in the beautiful Star pub at Rusper.

The Star

We then headed off to spend the weekend with friends…


Although we did sneak off to have brunch on Sunday morning/lunchtime with Lovely Littlest and her boyfriend.


When we returned to my friend, her lovely mum had popped in to see us and brought me some gorgeous flowers.


After her mum had gone, I finally – after years of saying we’d find time/space to do it –  taught my friend to knit…


Hope you had a great weekend!



23 thoughts on “Tuesday Sevens – 13th November

  1. Well done on the knitting teaching. 🙂 The breakfast looks delicious! And the selfie of you and your friend is very good. I am rubbish at selfies. I always seem to have one eye open and one eye shut! X

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    1. I certainly needed a lie down, but lovely to see our friends. Hadn’t seen them for ages, since I stopped going very far when Hicks’ arthritis got too bad in the spring for him to travel far and I refused to be separated from him for any real length of time 🙂


  2. An awesome week.
    The driveway is looking very neat already. Not to mention all the hard work indoors. 🙂 Looks great.
    Aren’t those fresh cut flowers just beautiful. Such a delicate colour. 🙂
    And well done to your friend for learning to knit. The piece looks great. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your week, and the upcoming weekend. Hugs. xx

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  3. Well, you were up in my old neck of the woods at Rusper. If it had been this coming weekend I might have been able to pop in for a pint with you.
    The drive looks lovely and the neighbourhood cats will be forever grateful for their new giant kitty litter tray 😉

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  4. Missed this post somehow. I love to see all the new things you put together for your website – it’s certainly keeping you busy! I’m slightly envious of your driveway – ours is overrun with weeds so we can’t even put gravel down.


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