Monday Sevens – November 20th

Late again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

We were still away visiting friends up country at the beginning of last week and spent a relaxed Monday morning wandering around a craft village…


We headed home on Monday afternoon to face the reality that I had a stall booked at a craft fair on Friday/Saturday and had sold so many small kits at Stitch Fest I didn’t have enough needles to make more. There hadn’t been enough time to have more made after Stitch Fest, so on Tuesday I made my own…


My other challenge for the week involved printing.  Far too long and boring a story to regal here, but let’s just say it will be a very desperate day when I buy another Hewlett Packard printer, I hope I never have to receive another delivery from UPS – yes, worse than Hermes – and I won’t be using our local printers again unless hell freezes over!


Fortunately there were lots of positives this week too. On Thursday I met a lovely lady at my intarsia Santa Sack workshop at the Woolly Beader – yes, technically one participant means it was a one to one 🙂 She knitted a snowman Santa Sack and we also diverged onto discussion about fair isle…

Snowman Santa Sack

Thursday evening was our Knit and sip Christmas party – yes, I know that’s early, but we meet on the third Thursday of the month which meant our December meeting has been cancelled due to being too close to Christmas…


Friday and Saturday I had a stall at Cowslip Workshops‘ Christmas Fair…


If you’ve never been to Cowslip, it’s the most amazing place and in the evening it felt even more magical…


And just look at these beautiful willow dear that were there…


I also succumbed to buying this beautiful bowl from Jo Downs…


… and these ribbons from a remnant/secondhand stall…


And finally, a wee picture I should have put in last week – since last week was book group week and we discussed the book The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern. Everyone who was present loved it and I haven’t enjoyed a book so much in a long time – definitely makes my all time top 20. So I’d highly recommend.


Hope you’ve had a great week!

21 thoughts on “Monday Sevens – November 20th

  1. Home printers are a pain whatever the brand – I was just bemoaning the fact that it would cost twice as much to unclog the print heads than it would to buy a new printer. How environmentally unfriendly is that? Do you make your own knitting needles then? I love the bespoke heads to them. I’m sure your one lady enjoyed her one-to-one knitting experience!

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  2. sounds like a week of good and bad – and the good outweighed the bad, I hoe! Your stall looks lovely, and the needles – how do you do these things so fast and easily? Or make it seem so? they are so pretty, I can’t believe you had everything on hand for them!

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    1. Ha ha! Not at all, I realised the day after Totnes I needed more needles and when I hadn’t had a reply to my email to my needle making lady 24 hours later, I worked out what I needed and ordered it. Needles were finished in the nick of time and I was stapling patterns together over breakfast before I left for Cowslip!

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  3. Your stall looked perfect. 🙂 And the needles, wow!! what a great idea.
    I love the bowl you got, it is stunning.
    Cowslip looks like a wonderful place to visit, and the willow dear makes it super pretty too.
    Enjoy the week, and stay cosy there.

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  4. A book in your Top 20, for sure I shall have to add it to my too read list. Thanks for the recommendation. Love the knitting pins so very pretty. I bet your lady enjoyed her snowman bag and one to one attention, good for you not cancelling due to lack of numbers. I have knitted the Sleigh now, pciture on Friday. The bowl you succombed to is gorgeous, and you can’t have too many ribbons. You too need a repair cafe for the printer!

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    1. Oh yes, do read the book! Well behind on my blog reading – but look forward to seeing the sleigh sack. The printer is under warranty and they replaced it happily, they just didn’t send a Power lead with the replacement and then a week later they sent half a power lead. Still waiting for the other half!


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