Road Trip Knitting

Having been away visiting the Netherlands and a little bit of Belgium, has meant  lots of travel knitting. I did a little secret knitting that I can’t show you, but other than that my knitting turned out to be rather like Henry Ford’s, you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black – but in my case it was brown.

Knowing there’d be a fair amount of driving in the dark, I cast on a fair isle yoked sweater in Jacob wool before we left, so I would have something I could knit even when I couldn’t see what I was doing. I worked on it after dark on the first two days, on the way to Dover, through Belgium and into the Netherlands, and on the way home from Dover. Here’s how far I got…


However the first thing I started on when we left home in daylight was a Christmas pudding…


Next morning I knitted a few more puddings on the Ferry…


Once in the Netherlands, we were busy most of the time, but any quiet moment was filled with knitting leaves and berries…

I also made sure I complete one pudding before we reached Utrecht to give to Lovely Eldest.

Christmas Pudding knitting kit british wool cropped

When we left Utrecht to drive to Bruge, I began the sleeve of the fair isle sweater, and also knitted it when we drove from Bruge to Dunkirk. I got this far…


As we sat and waited for the ferry, I stuffed my puddings…


… then I added the leaves and berries on the ferry.


I’m craving some more colourful knitting now I’m home!


36 thoughts on “Road Trip Knitting

  1. Those Christmas puddings are very cute! I’ve just returned to knitting after a long break and my first project was a family of snowmen. They’re all tucked away until next Christmas, and who knows, there might be a knitted Christmas pudding waiting to tempt them out of hibernation.

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    1. hello. thanks for commenting. Isn’t it funny how food can be cute, and cute is definitely word people apply to the Christmas pudding kit 🙂 I kept meaning to work on a snowman kit last year, but never managed it. I do like knitting things that are spherical 🙂

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