Sunday Sevens – 3rd December

Finally joining in again with Sunday Sevens on a Sunday – except this week it’s only four sevenths of a week, since I posted Wednesday Tens last Wednesday.

Having returned from a damp trip to Europe late Tuesday, we woke up on Wednesday morning to dry bright morning and ice on the outside of the velux windows.


Unfortunately there was a nasty surprise waiting when we unpacked. I’d brought a Belgian chocolate sheep for my #stitchingsanta partner while we were in Bruges. I’d tucked it in behind the satnav on the way home to stop it getting squashed, but unfortunately the satnav must have got hot 😦 Guess I’ll have to eat it now.


On the plus side, while I’d been away, HP had finally delivered all I needed to make my printer work and I could finally make colour copies again…


Wednesday and Thursday were spent catching up with orders and housework and making a few kits.


There was also more stitch marker making…

20171101_074247 But Friday was spent more leisurely with a final cake craft afternoon before Christmas…


On Saturday we drove up to Northampton for our Great Nephew’s first birthday party, so a fair bit of car knitting went on…


Sorry this pics a little blurred but too good not to share Lovely Hubby crawling around on the floor at the party with not just great nephew, but great nice also…


It was a long drive home, so on the way we stopped off for fish and chips…


Hope you’ve had a great week!




14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 3rd December

  1. She sheep may be a bit melted, but still very nice I am sure.
    Lovely knitting in the car, and lovely party with the little ones too. She look so cute.
    And cake! and Fish and Chips. How I love it too.
    Enjoy the week, happy crafting, and keep warm. 🙂

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  2. We had the Wednesday frost too, such beautiful patterns on the conservatory roof but I wasn’t so keen on seeing it on the car windscreen when I left for work.
    Poor little chocolate sheep but I’m sure it was still tasty. The cake & fish & chips looking yummy too.
    Love your colourful stitch markers😃

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  3. Ha ha, so sorry you had to eat the sheep, but what a great find in the first place! Pleased for you that you got your printer fixed after all the trouble you appear to have had with it. There’s nothing quite like a fish and chip supper – I swear I can smell it….

    Liked by 1 person

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