Your Opinion Please

Having a bit of a dilemma over a hat I’m knitting as a Christmas gift. I started following a pattern that didn’t work, so ended up frogging and knitting by my own plan, but I did use the i-cord tassel finish on the top from the pattern.


I was planning on trimming the blue tassely bit to half that length. I’d be happy with it like that, but I’m wondering about the recipient. Would they want their hat topped like this? I could remove the tassels and make the i-cord shorter, or longer and tie it in a knot. Or I could pull back the i-cord and do something completely different.

Totally confused, I though I’d ask you marvellous lot what you think. Even if you don’t knit, how would you finish the top of this hat?Β  And please don’t say with a fluffy pompom – I do NOT like fluffy pompoms!

29 thoughts on “Your Opinion Please

  1. Tricky one.
    I wouldn’t cut the tassels as I’d fear they would stand out awkwardly when they are too short.
    I’d go with a simple finish or add some beads to the tassels.

    You could always make the i-cord stand up straight and add some tin foil πŸ˜‰
    How much humour does the recipient have πŸ˜€

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  2. I am pretty flexible. 1.) I like it as is. 2.) I would like it with beads. 3.) I would like it with a longer cord with a knot, something I often do to finish a hat. 4.) I would like it with no embellishment.

    I agree that I would not cut the tassel, it might begin to appear to be a pompom, and that would look less fun.

    I made a hat with a braid about the same length as your whole topper, and the woman who bought it really struggled with the braid. Until she tried it on and looked in the mirror. then she loved it. So don’t over think it, just do what you feel and if the person hates it, you can always change it out.

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    1. Thanks Mary. They definitely aren’t a safe person, which I guess is why I’m steering away from nothing and pompoms, but at the same time, I don’t want to force my ‘style’ on them.


  3. I think the receipient will love this, so unique and this is the way you designed it for them. If the person you are giving it too would relish beads then add but otherwise leave it just the way it is.

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