Sunday Sevens – 10th December

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

Last Sunday I had my last craft stall before Christmas at Lydford Gorge. Lots of lovely people visited the stall including a lot of local friends. I also had a fab time between visitors helping the stall holder next to me – the lovely Holly from Hollybobs – learn to purl and kfb, so she could knit a Christmas pudding.


In the evening I did my best to photograph the only super moon of the year.


Lovely husband came to the fair also and bought our Christmas tree, so on Monday I decorated it.


While I decorated, Lovely Husband put up the outside lights.


Things got even more Christmasy on Thursday when we had our book group Christmas meal.


Our first snow of the winter fell while we were eating, but it was just a sprinkling and, unlike the rest of the country, we haven’t seen any more since.


On Friday we went for a walk on the moor.


After stopping off at the pub for lunch, we headed home via one of my favourite roads.



When I got home, I was very excited to find my parcel had arrived from my Stitching Santa.


Friday evening we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at our local then dropped into a drinks party on the way home. Saturday was therefore spend very gently, hiding in the warm, writing cards, wrapping presents and finishing my mini sweater for our knitted ornament swap.


Hope you’ve had a great week.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 10th December

  1. We were in the car when I said that it looked like a super moon – nice to know I was right! The snow bypassed our corner of Somerset entirely. Not so much as a sleety flake. No.1 Son had great delight in sharing his four inches of the white stuff in Wales though! We’ve put up our outside lights and a small tree in the kitchen but, other than that, haven’t had chance to do any decorating yet and I’m starting to get that panicky feeling when you know you’re pushing it time-wise. Trouble is, I’m STILL making Christmas presents…..

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    1. Clever you, spotting the super moon was one. So good when the kids actually have a decent amount of snow to play in. Hope your youngest wasn’t too disappointed his brother had some and not him. Yep, I have that feeling too and I also have LH’s Christmas Sweater to finish before next Saturday EEK!


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