Knitted Christmas Ornament Swap

Since our knitting group meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month, we decided to have our Christmas party back in November, because none of us would make the December meeting so close to Christmas. We took scraps of Christmas coloured yarns and patterns for Christmas ornaments. Each of us started knitting an ornament, but being busy with food and wine, none of us finished.


We had a little lottery for who was going to gift their ornament to who and said we’d drop them off at each others houses. However, on the way out we decided it would be good to sit in the hotel lounge by the Christmas tree and knit together in December, so we made a date for yesterday evening.


We drank mulled wine and knitted and chatted…


Just before we left, we swapped ornaments…


I was honoured to receive two Christmas trees from the member of our group who is only just learning to knit.

I felt a little guilty as these are her first two FOs, but she insisted.



16 thoughts on “Knitted Christmas Ornament Swap

    1. I did feel guilty as i thought it would be nice for her to keep, but when we were drawing lots for who got whose, she was very down on herself that hers was the short straw. So I didn’t want to get too insistent and make her think I didn’t want it.

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      1. That is tough, isn’t it? But I bet you gave her all kinds of praise for how pretty they are, and she left feeling good about herself. And maybe she will be inspired to keep going.

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  1. Ah, looks like the process was enjoyed even more than the resulting swap! Honoured indeed, to be the beneficiary of someone’s very first knitted projects. It will be interesting to see how her skills develop and lovely to be able to look back at her early attempts.

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